Need for Climate Monitoring Systems

A better understanding of indoor climate in industries and its impact has become crucial to define and implement appropriate mitigation and adaptation policies, including investment policies for large infrastructure with long lifecycles. This in turn, has hiked the demand for climate monitoring systems considerably over the recent decades, which further increases the fundamental need for authoritative climate information and services upon which to base strategic plans, investments and day-to-day decisions. To make this task of climate monitoring easy, wireless & aesthetically soothing, Testo has now introduced its new range of data loggers for building climate monitoring, named as TESTO 160. This new range of data loggers from Testo with its five different models, help you keep your monitored locations aesthetically perfect, thanks to its small size and deco covers which helps it to blend with the surroundings.

Comprehensive and Wireless: Technology

The monitoring system Testo 160 measures, monitors and documents temperature, humidity, light intensity, UV radiation, CO2 concentration, atmospheric pressure, continuously, precisely and automatically. This serves ambient climate monitoring and also preservation of valuable objects or systems.

The data loggers transfer the measurement values by wireless LAN to an online store, the Testo Cloud. From there, they can be called up by PC/tablet/smartphone from any place with internet access. If individually defined upper or lower limit values are exceeded, an alarm notification gets activated. For light intensity, an alarm can also be triggered if the accumulated light quantity within a day, a week or a month exceeds a limit value.

Unobtrusive and Individual: Product Design

The data loggers are specially designed such that they present themselves discreetly and inconspicuously. Thanks to the deco-cover, they also blend in with any background. These optionally available housing covers can be individually painted or decorated. Just as the respective background requires.

The loggers have internal and external sensors. The latter are, thanks to their design and size, ideal for monitoring in small glass cases, in which otherwise a data logger cannot be placed.

Application Areas

Testo 160 climate monitoring system finds applications in:

  • Facility Management
    • HVAC Maintenance
    • Malls & Offices
    • Hotels & Airports
    • Cold Storages & Warehouses
    And find special applications in:
    • Showcases & Display Spaces
    • Museums & Archives
    • Libraries & Archives

Choose model

The Testo 160 climate monitoring system consists of five different models that suits your application and measurement needs.

  • Testo 160 TH

WiFi data logger Testo 160 TH is an easy-to-use data logger for monitoring temperature and humidity with an integrated temperature and humidity sensor.

  • Testo 160 THE

WiFi data logger Testo 160 THE is an easy-to-use data logger for monitoring temperature and humidity with an integrated temperature and humidity sensor. It also has an option to connect up to two additional probes (ordered separately) for temperature, humidity, lux or lux and UV radiation.

  • Testo 160 THL

WiFi data logger Testo 160 THL is more than just an easy-to-use climate logger for humidity and temperature monitoring. Thanks to additional integrated sensors for lux and UV radiation, it provides accurate information about the light conditions.

  • Testo 160 E

WiFi data logger Testo 160 E adapts perfectly to your climate monitoring requirements. It offers 2 connection options for probes for temperature, humidity, lux or lux and UV radiation.

  • Testo 160 IAQ

The easy-to-use WiFi data logger Testo 160 IAQ is ideal for monitoring indoor air quality. Thanks to its integrated sensors for temperature, humidity, CO2 and atmospheric pressure, it accurately determines the climatic conditions in rooms. It can also perform long-term measurements without any difficulty.

Testo is recognized as the leading worldwide manufacturer of portable measuring instruments for various parameters. We aim to provide the best quality, service and value in the industry and thus, are committed to satisfy our customer needs for precise measurement and monitoring by offering them the best technological advancements in the industry for their daily measurement needs.


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