Representative image by Vanessa Rider from Pixabay

Daikin has expanded availability of its Zanotti transport refrigeration solutions into the major Northern European markets of Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Italian manufacturer Zanotti was acquired by Daikin in 2016. The company has decades of experience in commercial and industrial refrigeration as well as in the transport of fresh and frozen products.

Junji Umamoto, NV’s Vice President, Daikin Europe, said: “The launch of the well-known Zanotti brand in Northern Europe is the culmination of Zanotti’s decades of refrigeration experience, now combined with Daikin’s design and manufacturing capabilities. We are investing in our products, our people and our partners as we expand into these markets with a clear mission to become the customers’ first choice in refrigeration for road transport across the full range of vans and trucks.”

Investment in the company since the acquisition is the soon-to-be-opened new research and development center adjacent to the Zanotti plant in Mantua, Italy. Junji Umamoto  added: “It is a unique collaborative research and development facility with ATP certified testing capacity for our smallest to our largest units.”

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