The Department of Equality and Inclusive Policies in Valencia, Spain is a department of the regional Valencian Government (Generalitat Valenciana) that has, among other competencies, of providing technical assistance to Valencian centres and services, both public and private. This department is subdivided into the following areas: dependency, functional diversity, equality in diversity, social inclusion, childhood, women’s institute, the elderly, social services, planning and organization.

The situation

A project was conducted in 2020 to deploy 4,000 Camfil City M air purifiers to protect the schools where more than 100,000 students could benefit from the improved clean air. This measure was implemented by The Department of Education, Culture and Sports of the Valencia region as a measure against COVID-19. Now the regional government has decided to protect the elderly and vulnerable by having air filtration solutions in the indoor environment. The Department for Social Inclusion and Equality in Valencia contacted Camfil about a project to improve air quality, reduce aerosol concentration and thus, reduce risk in a variety of locations utilising more than 1,000 City M air purifier units. It is scientifically proven and accepted that the installation of air purification systems with HEPA filters (tested to EN1822:2019) is one of the most practical and effective solutions to reduce the transmission of airborne microorganisms.

The City M air purifiers will get installed in 250 public centres…

The solution

The City M air purifiers will get installed in 250 public centres, including: Nursing homes, Day Centres for the elderly, Centres for the disabled, Women´s refuges and Centres for young offenders.

The aim is to protect people, using Camfil’s expertise, experience and research-driven design of air filtration systems for airborne pathogens. At Camfil, the prevailing belief is, ‘clean air, is a human right’. The filters integrated into their City M air purifiers are widely recognised as the best HEPA H14 filters in the market. Their classification ensures a minimum efficiency of over 99.995% for all types of contaminants, including viruses and bacteria. The HEPA filters used are so efficient that the air would have to pass three times through a normal ventilation system to achieve the same level of purification. Furthermore, by using a combination of HEPA H14 and molecular filters, the Camfil City range is ideal for improving the air quality of different types of indoor environments. The HEPA filter is EN1822:2019 certified to ensure optimum performance whereas the molecular filter is tested to ISO 10121.

(Adopted from Camfil Newsletter)

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