FabricSox, the first fabric duct product manufactured in India, is a classic example of ‘Make in India’. FabricSox has over 800 installations and the company boast one of the highest growth rates in recent times. Strong and dynamic product combined with highest quality of service has been the company’s motto.

Nutech entered the HVAC industry, when the industry was in an unorganised state with few players offering quality solutions. Issues like time consumption, noise disturbance, chain of contractors as per respective jobs or skills, inline duct accessory installation issues and unpolished aesthetic was dominating the industry.

The owners sensed a requirement to provide quality solutions across the entire value chain of the low side of HVAC deliverables. Thus, the journey of the company began in the field in year 2004-05.

Nutech introduced pre-insulated ducting solutions (PIR core with aluminium embossed foils on both sides of the core) to Indian industry. This ducting offered low noise, was aesthetically appealing and could be customised as per site conditions. The company installed over two million square meters of this ducting pan India across industries.

The company has always believed in innovation and looking at newer and better solutions in this field. This led to fabric ducting air dispersion systems. The company realised that fabric ducting is the future in this space as it fulfilled all the requirements of a high-quality ducting product and additionally was much customisable, safer and cost-effective. The company is proud of pioneering this product in the country.

The company started as an installation and service company for fabric ducts and after extensive R&D and innovation after manufacturing high quality fabric ducts under the brand ‘FabricSox’. Today, the company has executed projects in over ten countries.

FabricSox is manufactured from an inherent fire-retardant fabric approved by inspection agencies across the world. The product has one of the lowest permeability and noise absorption level in the market. The fabric is made out of high-quality non-fading dyes with minimal colour loss even after repetitive wash. The company carries out complete performance testing of every duct before it leaves the facility.

The company also strives to provide good post – installation service, as required. FabricSox manufactures, installs and services fabric air dispersion. The product has found applications across industries.

The company has executed projects in industries like food, beverages, dairy, automobile and auto-ancillaries, aviation, pharmaceuticals, textile, warehousing, FMCG, corporate and business hubs, restaurants, malls and movie theatres, sports complex, exhibition centres etc.

FabricSox has a state-of-the-art manufacturing and testing unit. The company aims to provide the highest customer satisfaction.  FabricSox has one of the highest customer retention rates. Some of the innovations include fabric ducts for return air requirement and fabric nozzles for spot cooling.

Nutech believes that there cannot be one special aspect, there must be value in the whole process, and the company is involved in offering high quality service right from conceptualisation to commissioning. The company understands the application of the product where it hand holds the customer and strives to provide optimised techno-commercial solution.

One of the major advantages of the product is that it has application in almost every industry. Today, HVAC is not a luxury but a necessity for human comfort and process cooling, making it a ‘must’ requirement product. This opens innumerable opportunities for the company’s product. The customisation aspect of this product places it among the top brass of ducting products.

As various industries are growing, the requirement of HVAC is finding more and more importance. The growth of Asia-Pacific across various industries have proven to be beneficial to this sector. Its product places itself successfully as environmentally friendly, promotes low energy consumption and has a less CO2 footprint. It is a recommended product for green projects.

The product is preferred by architects apart from the technical strength of the product as it is high on aesthetics and appearance. As the product has minimal logistical issues and have low transportation costs, it removes geographical limitations.

Anil Sarwade,
Managing Director,
Nutech Ducting Solutions Pvt Ltd