Facebook announced that the Clonee Data Center will continue to be one of the most advanced, energy efficient data centers in the world and will be supported by 100 per cent renewable energy.

Nortek Air Solutions, a manufacturer of custom air handlers, is pleased to announce the use of its patented StatePoint Technology in two buildings at the Facebook data center in Clonee, Ireland. The StatePoint system uses a liquid-to-air membrane exchanger in which water evaporates through a membrane separation layer to cool the data center. “This new exchanger technology addresses some of the fundamental disadvantages of open spray and wetted media evaporative cooling systems and opens up new possibilities for high performance liquid cooling in data centers and other applications,” explains Philip LePoudre, Fellow Engineer of Nortek. The liquid-to-air membrane exchanger prevents cross contamination between the water and air streams, greatly reducing the risk of water side fouling and aerosol carryover in the exhaust air stream. In addition, the StatePoint Liquid Cooling system achieves exceptional levels of water usage efficiency while maintaining industry leading energy efficiency.