India is the largest producer of milk, second largest producer of fruits-vegetables, and second largest exporter of meat in the world. It has seen a phenomenal growth in food production over last decade. But even with such large production volumes, fruits and vegetables are wasted approximately 18 per cent, fish 5.2- 10.5 per cent, meat 2.7 per cent and poultry meat 6.7 per cent due to the lack of storage infrastructure and equipment. The government’s emphasis on food parks and Integrated Cold Chain Development has increased in the recent past. Government has taken several policy level and schematic steps to increase investment in this sector. The Indian cold chain market was worth Rs 95.2 cr in 2017. The market is further projected to reach Rs 229.3 cr by 2023, at compound annual growth rate of 15.4 per cent during 2018-2023.

Frascold India is closely working with system integrators and cold storage manufacturer to provide refrigeration and cooling solution by introducing highly efficient compressors, condensing units and refrigeration racks. Condensing units and refrigeration racks are used in different sectors cold storage, brine chiller plant, candy plant, blast freezing, ice flake machine and freeze drying. Frascold India has supplied 17 numbers of large size customised refrigeration racks from Frascold India, Ahmedabad new manufacturing facility in year 2019-20 by using Frascold semi-hermetic and screw compressors. Parent company Frascold S.P.A manufactures around 70,000 compressors annually in 53,000 m2 advanced engineering, manufacturing and testing facility outside of Milan, Italy. Frascold has distribution network in 86 countries and subsidiaries in China and the United States apart from India.

Frascold has wide range of models of reciprocating compressors with 2, 4, 6 or 8 cylinders, displacement from 4 to 239m3/h (50Hz) and nominal power from 0.5 to 80 HP. The compressors can be used with all standard refrigerants like HFC, HCFC based refrigerants and HFO low-GWP refrigerants. All models can operate with VFD. The main features are high efficiency, robust construction, low noise levels and small dimensions. Advance accessories further enhance their versatility and give protection to system. The range also includes ATEX compressors, two-stage compressors, twin compressors and open type compressors. The performance of the majority of models is ASERCOM certified.

Condensing Units
Condensing unit is outdoor unit consists high pressure side components compressor, oil separator, condenser, liquid receiver and filter drier. It is connected to indoor unit by extending suction and liquid line. Condensing unit is selected based on heat load calculation of room.

Frascold India has three different standardised series of semi- hermetic compressor air-cooled condensing unit. 1. LBT 2. LB and 3. LTBT.

Frascold India has three different standardised series of semi-hermetic compressor air-cooled condensing unit. 1. LBT 2. LB and 3. LTBT. These series cover up to 30 HP compressor. Frascold India also provides water cooled condensing unit with semi-hermetic compressor and screw compressor. Due to limited capacity of condensing unit, it is used for small size cold room storage, in this case, the user may have to use multiple CDUs for different rooms or different Indoor units. After observing the cold room layout, all CDUs are connected to individual indoor.

Refrigeration Racks
Refrigeration rack is multi-compressor system with common piping to deliver required capacity to multiple indoor units. Multiple compressors are connected to common discharge heard, oil separator, air cooled or water-cooled condenser, liquid receivers. rack operation can be controlled by common electric panel from rack.

Frascold India provides rack system with semi hermetic reciprocating compressors or semi hermetic screw compressors.

Frascold India provides rack system with semi hermetic reciprocating compressors or semi hermetic screw compressors. Frascold India has supplied 2 compressors to 5 compressors racks so far based on capacity requirement. Frascold India is moving toward standardization of racks to make selection and manufacturing process fast and effective delivery time.

There are different advantages of rack over CDUs and vice versa. The company focusing on energy saving and pay off periods. As earlier indicated, there are three different air-cooled condensing units Frascold India provides case studies of different order inquiries for comparison of energy consumption. Case-1 is comparison of LTBT and rack, Case-2 is comparison of LBT and rack, Case-3 is comparison of LBT2 and rack. These different cases are for different application and customer. We have done comparison to bring opportunity for customer to save money. As per study it shows saving of 95,000 kWh to 1,43,800 kWh in year compare to multiple CDUs for different rooms. It is between 10 to 23 per cent energy saving in year. It depends upon application, selection and size of rooms. This energy saving brings 7 lakhs kWh to 12 lakhs kWh in year. Cost of rack is more than CDUs. Saving cost every year will pay back rack cost in three to five years. Apart from energy saving, there are other benefits of unit racks i.e. easy maintenance because of control panel in one place, less footprint and standby compressor available.

Mohammadmusaddik Saiyed,
Sr. Design Engineer,
Frascold India Pvt Ltd


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