Sliding Doors are the most preferred type of doors in industrial manufacturing plants and cold storages since they expand operation areas and provide ease of use. Available in any size, sliding doors are used both in cold rooms and frozen storage/quick freezing rooms.

Gandhi Automations’ sliding doors are available in single- leaf and double-leaf versions, and are the best storage doors for your premises.

Gandhi Automations’ caters to a complete range of lateral sliding doors, with door panel thicknesses ranging from 70mm to 150 mm. From the doors for positive temperature to extremely low temperature blast freezers, these doors stand out for their high resistance, insulation and ease of use.

We offer the best performing products so that you can safely store your products catering to temperatures up to -40 degree Celsius.

Being manufactured by mono-block door leaf method, these doors are more durable and long-lasting compare to doors produced with multiple section panel.

They do not undergo any kind of deformation when any type of chemical disinfectant applied.

Hinged Doors

Hinged doors are those which are used for passage of pallet trucks or personnel in the areas having insufficient space for sliding.

They are used in smaller passage areas compared to sliding doors. With single and double-leaf alternatives, Gandhi Automations hinged doors always have an option suitable for your needs.

Gandhi Automations caters to a complete range of hinged doors for cold rooms.

With door thicknesses from 70mm to 150 mm, these hinged doors are suitable for any type of application. They are characterized by the aluminium leaf edge and by the internal push closure and lock.

Semi Insulating to & fro Doors

The semi insulating doors differ for their sturdiness qualities and for the design accuracy. From the small hatch to the big openings, the range is really large and suits various applications.

They are used as doors for passing to/from manufacturing, processing, corridors, handling areas having no or little temperature difference in between. They are suitable for separating the areas through which load handling devices such as forklifts, pallet trucks etc., are passed.

The wideness of the range allows to offer a “turnkey” service satisfying the needs in the different fields, such as agro-industrial application, industrial use, dairy plants, fishing industries, logistic, flora-nursery, meat processing plants and sausage and salami factory.

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