Which specific products or solutions are being showcased by NOVENCO in this ACREX India Expo?

At NOVENCO Building & Industry we are proud to make fans for a greener world. The engineering of the NOVENCO ZerAx fans is an unprecedented achievement in NOVENCO’s history. The ZerAx revolutionises the design and performance of axial flow fans in so many ways – and is in fact an energy-saver of the future that redefines and heralds a new generation of axial flow fans.

Our ZerAx axial flow fans are at work around the clock all over the world to reduce carbon emissions and make this planet a better place. The predominant features of the ZerAx fans are the market’s highest fan efficiencies of up to 92% and a 98% recyclability rating, which bring down energy expenditures and lessen the strain on precious resources of the earth. The ZerAx is a fan for the environment and world-leading when it comes to durability and sound levels. A product lifetime of 20+ years and low sound levels, probably make ZerAx the most profitable and environmentally friendly fans in the world.

Are there any specific industries or sectors that your cold chain solutions cater to and why?

Land-based applications and markets are the focal point of our business. Here we develop and implement highly efficient ventilation fans and systems that advance the balance between outdoor and indoor climates. We create sustainable solutions within such diverse areas as industry, air handling units, data centres, carpark and tunnels, windmills, fire and safety systems and much more. The environment and the application of highly technological production methods are natural parts of our design, development, and production. The products reflect this with excellent quality, high efficiencies, long lifetimes, and high recyclability rates.

How do you envision the future of HVACR industry? And what role does a company play in shaping the future?

At NOVENCO Building & industry, we are constantly looking for and working on ways to make our products and solutions more sustainable and more recyclable after the long product life, but also by seeking to use recycled materials in the production of our products.

We have our sights on 100% CO2-neutrality by 2050 in our complete value chain. Our commitment to the climate and the green transition is serious and we wish to do more, which is why we have joined the global standard Science-Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

As a company, we have years of experience with environmentally improving initiatives and have in later years increased the daily efforts to meet the UN’s climate goals. Through the SBTi we commit to the ambitious goals of Net-Zero before 2050. The work we have begun in this context contributes even further to a sustainable future for our planet.

We are much aware of the need to preserve the ecosystem, which is why energy efficiency, sustainability and recycling are natural and embedded parts of our designs and business. Our resource-friendly products reflect this with long life spans and environmentally safe production processes. At the same time, they require minimal resources to run and discharge a minimum of harmful substances. It therefore naturally follows, that NOVENCO Building & Industry is the first fan manufacturer in the world to have Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) for our axial flow fans ZerAx and NovAx.

Can you highlight any cutting-edge technologies or advancements in your product or services?

For more than 75 years NOVENCO Building & industry has been focusing on energy efficiency. The core of our business relates to the development and production of energy-efficient quality fans.

The remarkable high efficiencies of the ZerAx fans are the result of dedicated product development, which has yielded several patents and designs to protect this new fan technology. The ZerAx fans have the highest fan efficiencies on the market of up to 92%, product lifetimes of 20+ years and recyclability ratings of 98%. No one has achieved this before and the second best in the industry are still far behind. The ZerAx fans are market leading.

How do you approach the integration of energy-efficient and sustainable practices in HVAC&R system design and implementation?

The fastest way to carbon neutrality is to use existing technologies for energy efficiency and make sure that these solutions and products become more sustainable, both after a long time of service, but also in production.

The NOVENCO ZerAx fans have efficiency levels as high as 92%, where older fans available on the market only go to somewhere between 50% and 80%. If we replace these older models with new high-efficiency solutions, it is a quick and financially expedient route. The payback time for our new fans is short – between one and three years, depending on fan operation hours, which also reduces the need for investment in renewables afterwards.

Our fan solutions are designed and produced with recyclability in mind, and up to 98% of each unit can be recycled. Additionally, the use of high-tech frequency drives to run motors at variable speeds, enables intelligent building ventilation, helps save energy, and improves system efficiency.


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