With over a decade of experience, Geotrackers is a pioneer in the field of IoT solutions in India. The company’s mission is to help its clients do more with less and help in reducing cost, optimising resources, improving customer service and ensuring safety of people and goods. Geotrackers’ special expertise lies in the area of temperature tracking and monitoring for cold chain industry.

Challenges in Cold Chain
Primary challenges facing the cold chain industry are lack of transparency through the value chain, dependence on hired contractors, inefficient storage and lack of knowledge. The best way to counter these challenges is by the use of technology. The advent of IoT makes it easy to collect accurate data automatically, reduces dependence on human resources and ensures transparency through the supply chain. Geotrackers solutions help in capturing temperature and location data in real time, its Cloud-based platform enables users to access the data any where anytime. The system offers real time alerts on temperature spikes and helps users take necessary action.

Geotrackers IoT solutions help in real time temperature tracking for both reefer vehicles and cold rooms. The company has pan India service network that handles field support and repair in more than 40 towns and cities.

Ensuring Efficiency for Frozen Food
The company was approached by a large frozen food giant that needed not only to monitor live temperature but also employ route optimisation to ensure timely delivery of goods in the secondary distribution leg of its supply chain. Geotrackers developed a custom solution which helps them in planning their secondary distribution, ensuring visibility by providing tracking links to their distributors, alerts on consignment arrival to ensure quick unloading and turnaround time in addition to real time temperature tracking.

The analytics provided by the Geotrackers platform also helps them in figuring out vendor performance, schedule adherence, route deviations and any other quality related issues. Employing Geotrackers’ helped the food major save on cost of transportation, reduce wastage, improve turnaround time and safeguard quality of their product.

Quality Control for Ice Cream Companies
While ice cream is thought of more as a seasonal product, it has year-round appeal in certain parts of the country. Geotrackers is the exclusive partner for one of the largest ice cream companies in India to provide them real time temperature and location tracking of their reefer vehicles. This enables the organization to maintain product quality from plant to retail outlets and deliver the best possible product.

Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Meat and Fish
Preserving quality of food and increasing its shelf life is the primary goal of any producer or cold chain supplier. Estimates suggest that up to 25 per cent of fruits, vegetables, meat and fish produced are lost due to incorrect handling either in transit or poor storage. Major food grains are still stored in open air granaries with little to no protection. Technology can help provide improvements in efficiency in all these products. While cold rooms and reefer trucks may be available, they must be monitored continuously from source to destination to ensure quality. Since the logistics industry is still fragmented and larger players too are unorganised, the user must utilise technology to ensure quality adherence.

Geotrackers platform can provide producers, food processing companies and those involved in storage and transportation perfect insight into their distribution and help them run their operations better.

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