Functional graphic of the Eberspaecher Airtronic 3 air heater…

Headquartered in Esslingen am Neckar, Germany, the global automotive industry’s leading system developers and suppliers, Eberspaecher Group has recently launched a new generation of air heaters, which are  available across all performance classes (2 to 8 kW) for commercial and special vehicles. The product family to include four model variants in 12 versions and therefore, offer the right heating solutions for every demand. Their user-friendly operating elements ensure simple and flexible control of heaters.

Eberspaecher’s proven fuel operated air heater family is now available with a raised technical level across all performance classes. Four model variants will cover deployment in many commercial and special vehicles. Whether in recreational vehicles, transporters, ambulances, trucks, boats, or in driver’s cabs in the off-highway-sector: the all-rounder from Eberspaecher provides comfortable heat.

With the Airtronic 3, Eberspaecher is introducing a newly developed air heater family across all performance classes for commercial and special vehicles…

New features

All product variants come with the proven brushless motor for a longer service life as well as the stepless heat output control and the optimized metering pump for quiet operation – an advantage when traveling in a camper or during break times in a truck. The combustion chamber, which has been fully redesigned across all versions, gives greater flexibility in installing the heater in the vehicle.

The new heat exchanger ensures better flow ratios within the heater itself and therefore, higher efficiency. The modified positioning of the temperature sensor has further improved the temperature control. Sensor-controlled sequences make the start-up phase even more efficient.

The Airtronic 3 variants come with the electronic interfaces CAN (12/24V), LIN (12V), and S+ (12/24V). The further integrated automatic altitude adjustment makes the Airtronic 3 ideal for trips in the mountains: the integrated barometric pressure sensor optimizes consumption levels and enables automatic adjustment at altitudes of up to 5,500 meters, depending on the version. A newly designed exterior also sets the new air heater apart from its predecessors.

Four model variants in 12 versions

The third Airtronic generation comprises four model variants in a total of 12 versions: the Airtronic S3 (2 kW), the Airtronic M3 (4 kW), the Airtronic L3 (6 kW) and the Airtronic XL3 (8 kW). Thus, the product family meets all requirements, no matter the size of the vehicle or how cold the outside temperature. The Airtronic S3 and Airtronic M3 are available as a diesel or gasoline version. For applications with longer air ducts, the Airtronic M3 Recreational is especially suitable, thanks to its increased air flow.

The display and an LED colour ring around the control knob of the EasyStart Pro operating element indicate the current status…
With the web-based EasyStart Web operating element, the pre-heater can be controlled at any range (available in Europe)…

Suitable operating element for every application

Depending on requirements, the heaters of the Airtronic 3 product family are controlled with the appropriate element. These include EasyStart Pro: the pre-heater can be controlled easily and comfortably using the permanently installed operating element. The desired start time and heating duration can be set in advance with a timer. The display and an LED colour ring around the control knob indicate the current function status. In Europe, digital control via EasyStart Web is also available: Using a digital device – for example a smartphone, Amazon’s Alexa, or any other Internet-enabled device – the pre-heater can be operated no matter the range. The heater can also be integrated into pre-existing vehicle systems via the various interfaces.

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