Tell us about the milestones that ALMI International has achieved so far.

ALMI International is a young engineering company established in 2012 in United Arab Emirates with a great vision and mission. Currently, we have offices in UAE and India which offer quality products and services to customers or projects in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Sri Lanka.

What evolutions have you witnessed in the market?

Energy optimisation is an important aspect of operating cost of buildings and industries. An increase in energy efficiency is vital in order to save both our long-term economy and environment.

What are the challenges faced by you while manufacturing or distribution of the products? How do you overcome these challenges?

We are representing some of the world’s best manufacturers in this region. Their products are designed for smart and energy saving solutions for various HVAC applications. As these
products are tailor-made for each application, we required to have well trained technical team while installation, commissioning and also for future service support. For providing the best customer support for each application, currently, we are having a team of welltrained engineers and technicians with all necessary tools and spare parts.

What opportunities do you envisage for your company with the Indian government’s focus on development of infrastructure projects like metro, smart cities etc?

As we are one of the leading manufacturers or wholesale distributors for the energy saving premium quality HVAC products, we can offer solutions in centralised metering for chilled water, domestic water and gas, tunnel and carpark ventilation systems, kitchen filtration and odor control systems, toxic gas monitoring systems and controlling system and outdoor airflow monitoring systems for metro, malls, hospitals, airports and large-scale

What are your future plans?

In coming years, we wish to have our own manufacturing and testing facility in India as per ‘Make in India’ program.

Do you have an export market for your products?

Our products and solutions are export oriented as all countries are currently looking for more energy efficient products for their buildings.

What are the growth drivers of your business?

Energy efficient and premium quality products along with world-class customer service and technical support team are the key to our success.

What is your outlook for HVACR segment?

HVAC industry is the one of the fastest growing segment due to global warming. The HVAC systems have a key role in battle for saving energy.