“Insulation Protection Coatings are No More an Optional Line Item…”

Pidilite Industries Ltd., is a consumer centric company committed to quality and innovation. For decades, the company has been pioneering products for small to large applications, at home and industry. In an exclusive e-interview with Cooling India, Sachin Gupte, Head Category MEP, from the company is delivering details of their Insulated Protective Coverings to P. K. Chatterjee (PK). Excerpts…

What kind of transformation is happening in the field of Insulated Protective Coverings with relevance to HVAC-R in India?

Insulation Protective Coatings in India are traditionally limited to cumbersome and high cost solutions such as Aluminium Cladding, Sand Cement Plaster or even factory laminated aesthetic films, which have varied shortcomings resulting into a lot of collateral loss.

There is a potential for financial loss with the usage of these traditional systems, primarily because of the inherent technical lacunae of these systems.

Customers are now demanding a reliable, long-term, all-inclusive solution from a trusted brand and thus the acceptance of site insulated protective coatings is seeing a great rise. End customers  have realized the need and the efficacy of site applied insulation protective coatings over the current practices.

The new age Insulation Protection Coatings offered by Pidilite, are thus in a very exciting stage of growth..

What are the emerging areas where Insulated Protected Coverings are gaining immense importance?

Traditionally, Insulated Protective Coatings were either not given much attention or that were used was more of “Shiny surfaces” or low cost low engineered “UV Coat”. It was a general belief that, the insulation protection used is good enough, without even taking into considerations the  after effects of improper selection.

There is transformation happening at the customers end demanding robust system, as they realise , they need to look beyond the product offerings by the insulation manufacturers or, the traditional systems who have long lived their age.

With Pidilite offering well engineered solutions such as Lag Coating and Weather Protekt Coat, there are no more limitations of area of application. You can use both these products to protect any insulation generic..

What are the different kinds of Insulated Protective covering manufactured by Pidilite?

The technical requirements or priorities are different depending upon whether the insulation protection is used in external areas / exposed areas or internal / non exposed areas. Customers are concerned about the overall well being of the system in totality and need a robust solution. The duty conditions in Indoor environments and external areas are totally different.

Pidilite hence offers extensive range of products based on the area of application.

We offer Fevicol Weather Protekt Coat for external areas and Fevicol AC Duct King Lag Coating AF 5590 for internal areas. Both these products are designed taking into consideration the duty conditions that are present Indoors and Outdoors.

How is the demand for Internal & External Insulation Covering in India?

There has been a good surge in demand for our quality products primarily due to the advantages it offers to the end customers. Customers have eventually realized the efficacy of using engineered products as the value they offer is far more higher than the initial cost.

Briefly explain how your Lag Coating is best amongst the rest that is available in the Indian Market?

Lag Coating is the only UL classified flame retardant coating manufactured in India, which enhances the performance of any insulation generic such as Fame retardant properties, vapour barrier, mechanical strength. It’s the only one of its kind products having top 3 flame related certifications – UL 723, ASTM E 84, ASTM D 4804. Lag Coating also ensures that IAQ is also maintained since it conforms to ASTM D 5590.

Tell us in brief about any two of your best projects in India.

Pidilite has executed multiple marquee projects with our top engineered coatings range. But, would like to mention two projects which are a landmark in itself and truly inspirational.

The first project is Cochin International Airport, the first airport to run on solar power. A large HVAC Duct area of almost 55,000 sq mtr was coated with Lag Coating to give a robust vapour barrier,  mechanical protection and Flame Retardant property to the insulation. Being in coastal belt and sultry environments with humid conditions, the client was looking a solution which can solve all the problems in one go. Pidilite with its Lag Coating , perfectly suited the end requirement.

Another top project, which is also a landmark in North India, is  a renowned entity in the field of medical sciences ~ AIIMS Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh. AIIMS Bilaspur boasts of all the top end infrastructure and installations. We have supplied Lag Coating for Internal areas and Weather Protekt Coat for exposed areas, which can sustain high altitude weather conditions.

We are very proud to be associated with both these projects which are known not only in India but recognized even globally. Pidilite products are designed to be used in mission critical projects and thus are preferred by a lot of corporates for their projects, where they do not want to compromise.

Can you please elucidate on the International Certifications received for both Internal and External Insulating Protective Coverings?

Pidilite is trusted by multitude of customers because it has been delivering unmatched product performance constantly over a span of 6 decades ! We are synonymous with top quality product and trusted partner to offer unique products.

In order to further establish our prowess, we have also got  our products certified through laboratories of international repute.

Our products are tested and certified for various tests and standards, such as Underwriter Laboratories (UL), ASTM, EPA etc. for Flame Retardancy, Weathering Resistance, Biological decay, Chemical Resistivity and Green certifications from CII IGBC and Griha.

These are very stringent tests and certifications, and only organisations such as Pidilite who have a strong technical pedigree venture to take these expensive certifications.

Can you please tell us about your R&D centers?

Pidilite is known for offering products which serves varied segments and demographics of consumers. This has been possible because of the strong technical expertise that we have ~ our R & D department. We have an excellent in-house R & D facility for the range of products we offer, which are based in India as well as in Singapore. Our experts strive to offer word class products to ensure the unmet needs are fulfilled. We are proud to be a strong “Make In India” make for the world brand.

Do you offer sales services across India? How do you do it?

Yes. We have a strong network of capable and well-trained manpower spread across all the key geographies in India. They are ably backed by our strong network of well-trained channel partners, who are our extended family. Together we ensure that whenever you need any information on product selection, technical guidance on application or material availability, we just a phone call away.

What is your message to the potential Indian purchasers of the Insulated Protected Coverings?

Insulation protection coatings are no more an optional line item nor an accessory to an accessory, but an essential must have product. The value it brings to the end users is tremendous by increasing the overall life, complying to NBC 2016 guidelines, enhancing the Green Quotient and IAQ. It helps in reducing the costly changeover costs that may be induced due to CUI.

The role of purchasers are metamorphosing from being more of procurement centric to holistic value add, and the organizations are now focusing more on OPEX and not only CAPEX.

Pidilite with its long association with the Indian consumers, understand the needs in depth and we will be more than willing to offer our time-tested expertise to enhance the  performance of your system.


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