With Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), and other innovative technologies, Johnson Controls delivers smart hospital solutions to healthcare facilities worldwide.

Based on its recent analysis of the North American smart connected chillers market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes Johnson Controls with the 2020 North American Company of the Year Award. The company offers multiple types of chillers that optimize facility conditions, efficiencies, and energy costs across various industries. Pavel Zhebrouski, Best Practices Research Analyst at Frost & Sullivan said, “Each of its Smart Connected Chillers incorporates a customer dashboard featuring the new Chiller Performance Index (CPI), enabling data-driven insights in real time. This CPI allows customers to decrease energy consumption from 10% to 30%. The chillers present building owners and facility managers with novel, more effective tools to lower repair costs and minimize downtime due to unplanned equipment service. They also reduce the total cost of ownership through improved reliability, enhanced performance, energy efficiency, extended asset life, and greater technician productivity.”

Carolyn McGrath, director of program management at Johnson Controls said, “Our Smart Connected Chillers can lower unplanned and emergency repairs by an impressive 66% and time-to-repair by 65%. What sets Johnson Controls apart is that we pull data directly from the machine to provide predictive algorithms and fault-detection diagnostics, translating to direct cost-savings for our customers.”

The company recently reinforced its strong market position by introducing the OpenBlue platform, a digital solution suite that connects traditional operational technology, existing IT systems, and cloud applications. Furthermore, the platform has provided valuable support during the COVID-19 pandemic with features such as contact tracing, social distance monitoring, thermal cameras, clean air, touch-less environments, compliance and reporting management, energy optimization, and advanced safety monitoring.

Johnson Controls partnered with Microsoft to build a solution connecting equipment data to the cloud for unprecedented operational insights. Specifically, the company has over 3,000 chillers connected to the Microsoft Azure platform, noted Zhebrouski. Johnson Controls leverages more than a century of healthy building expertise to present the broadest HVAC equipment and controls portfolio worldwide.

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