We are living in a whole new world learning latest prevalent terminology such as pandemic, virtual, safety, masking, new normal, online shopping etc. They all are transitioning our perception and impacting behavioural shifts in looking at things. The global pandemic sets a new standard for the direction of change, disinfection and HVAC technologies, all aim at seeking to improve our future.

Further, HVACR sector has been punched at various levels of degree by the pandemic. Hotels, hospitality, entertainment and sports venues are struggling due to concerns over contracting the virus, even after they could reopen. In all likelihood, end-users are thinking about safety, sustainability and necessity in their spending behaviour with undefined alternatives, in the new normal times.

I go over to say again: my focus on the health and safety concerns of employees will continue to be a priority in our publication house. The global crisis triggered by COVID-19 pandemic has dented the supply chain and inventories. As business activities closed to operate; staff went remote and mostly online. This all is causing logistical challenges, disrupting relevant activities.

Yes, we are thankful to the authors for contributing articles to their own publication bringing latest knowledge and research about refrigeration and HVAC industry for our readers. And we, at Chary Publications continue attending webinars, networking sessions, to enable us provide readers with latest content. This October issue presents the coverage on refrigeration, packaging trends in food industry, impact on environment, cold supply chain and energy efficiency.

When it comes to environmental impact, food loss and waste generate eight percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. In terms of GHG emissions, the food lost is associated with around 1.5 gigatonnes of CO2 equivalent every year, according to sources. Simply put, reducing food waste means more food for all, less GHG emissions, less pressure on environment, and positive growth.  Reducing food loss early in the supply chain will open way for greater food security; therefore if we perform better it is conducive for overall growth.

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Pravita Iyer
Publisher & Director

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