Let’s stay resolute to bringing about positive change

Pravita Iyer, Publisher and Director, Cooling India gives us an in-depth insight into the stressors being faced by the publishing industry owing to COVID-19, while also speaking on the initiatives being taken by Chary Publications to bring change and function in a challenging time

COVID-19 is no stranger to the masses, it has found its way into the very depths of society. But here the question arises – are we resilient, what are the strides we will take to achieve excellence in a challenging time. My dear readers, as you may know in addition to the manufacturing, service and so many industries, there is also the publishing industry which has taken a hit. Print magazines and publishing houses are under tremendous pressure to deliver news amid a lock-down.

Media houses are strained as they announce cost-cuts, lay-offs and resort to other methods of survival. However, Chary Publications like so many other note-worthy publishing media houses believes in staying resolute to bringing the news to the reader. Hence, we have engaged in enhancing our digital reach while bringing the digital-copy to you.

Also, we are exploring new avenues and methods of servicing our valued clients through the brand-related work we undertake. We are venturing into new avenues of audio-video content, social media, Instagram Lives and much more to enhance engagement across our platforms. These are indeed trying times, but there is hope and hope is what we will hold on to.

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Publisher and Director

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