Representative image of a Smart Building… Image by pikisuperstar from Freepik

As the Internet of Things (IoT) technology matures, a building automation management system comes down to more than just the control of air-conditioning, lighting, security and other building subsystems. The IoT cloud and connectivity along with OT (Operational Technology) and IT (Information Technology) can be integrated into a total solution for a building automation management system and increase the value of smart buildings.

LOYTEC, a subsidiary of Delta that has long been an expert at supporting complete, open and standard communication protocols, has a comprehensive building automation product portfolio ranging from I/O devices to cloud-ready building control and management systems. More recently, by integrating into the controller Node-RED, which is used by many cloud platforms and IoT gateways, it allows users to use only a single controller without additional IoT gateways to easily connect to different building systems and external cloud platforms, creating greater synergies for intelligent control and management.

Through Node-RED, the system can quickly connect to any cloud service platforms including that of Amazon and Google. By using real-time weather information connected to the Internet, for instance, it can perform forecast-based air conditioning control, lighting control, and improve indoor air quality. It can also upload the field data of a building to cloud service platforms for analysis to further formulate appropriate building automation control strategies. Another application scenario is to use Google Calendar to schedule and control equipment operations.

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