Lumin-Air, an innovative leader in air disinfection for school buses and mass transit, provides MERV-13 filters to improve the air quality in school buses and mass transit vehicles. MERV-13 air filters are high-efficiency filters that capture pollen, allergens, molds, bacteria, viruses, and other particles skipped by less efficient air filters. 

In the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s update on Ventilation in Buildings, they state: “CDC recommends using the highest efficiency ventilation filters possible, without having detrimental effects on overall HVAC system performance. ASHRAE has similar guidance, however, they recommend a minimum filtration efficiency target of MERV 13, provided there are not substantial negative impacts on the HVAC system performance and occupant comfort.” 

Dan Fillenwarth, Managing Partner, Lumin-Air, said: “MERV-13 air filters will provide an additional level of protection in high-density spaces like school buses and mass transit vehicles where the density of people can be greater than in buildings. Improved filter efficiency will help mitigate the airborne transmission of harmful pathogens like SARS-CoV-2.” 

Fillenwarth added: “The challenge is to improve filtration without adding additional pressure drop that transit ventilation systems can’t handle. So, we provide a polarized media filter with the efficiency of a MERV-13 filter but the low-pressure drop of a typical MERV-4 bus filter. Independent certified airflow tests on a school bus show no airflow decrease with our MERV-13 equivalent filters compared to standard MERV-4 bus filters.”

Andrew Desmarais, Managing Partner, Lumin-Air, added: “Another benefit of our filters is that the dust holding capacity is several times that of a typical bus filter, which allows the duration between filter changes to be extended, and replacement filter media is very economical.”

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