Mist Ressonance Engineering Pvt Ltd (MREPL) is recognised as pioneer of revolutionary Mist Cooling System having more than 25 years’ experience and over 350 installations in various industries. Now, MREPL offers an innovative mist and cool system for comfort cooling, humidification and dust suppression applications.

Our specially designed misting nozzles create ultrafine mist which immediately evaporates as it comes in contact with the air, cooling it to the required level of comfort. Also, for humidification requirement, M&CS is the best suited system due to its high efficiency and trouble-free performance. The desired level can be quickly achieved without dripping irrespective of operating at very high pressure of 70 bar.

The specially designed nozzles produce water particle around 5 Micron, which cover the designed distance so that uniform level of Rh is maintained. Number of nozzles and pipe routing is designed as per requirement and complete automated system can be supplied.

MREPL has various various applications as below:

Humidification and Cooling in Green or Poly House

Mist and cool system installed in green or poly house shall maintain desired Rh and drops ambient temperature by 4 to 6C which helps to avoid the excess evaporation of the water from the plants due to dry weather conditions. Also, it helps to boost the growth of plants and size of flowers.

It is possible to spray insecticides like chlorine through mist and cool system that kills all germs in atmosphere and hence, plants are well protected against diseases like botrytis etc.

Uniform misting can be done by saving around 10 per cent on consumption of chemicals and fertilisers and sprayed chemicals shall reach to every leaf of the plant. Since the chemical can be sprayed in few minutes time, it saves both power and time. All above benefits ensures the higher yield and with improved quality of plants and flowers, thus ensuring ROI in less than a year.

Humidification and Cooling in Textile Industries

Humidity plays crucial role in textile industries. As ultrafine mist is produced by the system without using any compressed air having droplet size of 2 to 10 microns evaporates easily to achieve desired Rh and helps to improve the properties of the textiles such as elasticity, rigidity, tensile strength and thickness of the fibre or yarn also helps to gain the weight of the textiles or jute to get best price in the market.

Simultaneously achieving the desired Rh level, mist and cool system also drops ambient temperature by 4 to 6C and suppress dust which helps to maintain the good working environment for the employees.

Ambient Cooling

Mist and cool system drops ambient temperature up to 8C with proper ventilation suitable for the indoor or outdoor cooling. So, the mist and cool system can be used for ambient cooling in:

  • Marriage halls, lawns, restaurants, pubs, party halls,
  • Industrial factories
  • Sports fields
  • Private residence, guest houses.

Dust Suppression

Dusty working area becomes hazardous and impacts directly on the health of the employees. The mist and cool system creates a high concentration of ultra-fine water mist of 2 to 10 microns. Due to this, dust particle get mixed with water particles becomes heavier and settle down to the ground hence scattering of dust in atmosphere shall be much limited. At the same time this water mist shall help simultaneously to reduce the nearby ambient temperature.

Applications: foundries, steel industries, power plants cement industries, tobacco industries, etc.

Mist Spray Support System for Air Cooled Condensers

Now application is extended for Mist Spray Support System to ACC units in power plants. While ambient temperature crosses >38 to 40C, steam does not condense fully and hence, it leads in drop in vacuum giving loss of power generated. MREPL can install misting nozzles below each fan of ACC. While ambient temperature crosses >38 to 40C, misting system will start and cool down the inlet air temperature by 4 to 6C. This helps to improve ACC performance and desired vacuum levels are promptly maintained. It gives immense steam saving making investment payback in less than one year.

Specialty of Mist & Cool System

MREPL offers complete system in SS 304 piping and high-pressure fittings. The special mist creator nozzles are non-clog type with anti-drip mechanism. They have inbuilt cleanable filter ensuring longer life of system.

European make high efficiency pump-set.

Salient Features of Mist & Cool System

  • Guaranteed cooling of ambient temperature up to 8C
  • Maintains required Rh with very low consumption of water.
  • Increase in quality and productivity when installed at green house, poultry sheds, animal farms etc.
  • Lowest consumption of electricity.
  • Totally maintenance free operation due to use of high-quality stainless-steel material of construction.
  • No wetting of surface due to Ultra Fine Mist formation.

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