I take this opportunity to wish all of our readers’ and businesses in HVAC sector and staff, a very happy and prosperous Deepavali, welcoming to new normal times – just in reach.

The pandemic has impacted not only the businesses but also our lives and the environment we live in. Social interaction is lost. The times have changed.  When you go in any hotel, restaurants or establishment, checking everyone’s heart rate; everybody’s perspiration level, really feels completely invasive.

Researchers are still learning about virus and how the coronavirus disease is transmitted. Though infections occur in close contact between individuals, yet they are less sure about airborne transmission or through contact with surfaces. In general, the solutions to this ever green challenge are constantly subject to improvement and safety, in very practical ways.

I consider saying again: my focus on the health and safety concerns of employees continues to be a priority in our publication house.  National lockdown is continuing and still in phases in various states with the forced work from home. The travel remains suspended effective October 1, through the end of the calendar year, December 31, 2020. The stillness of streets is recovering back with people movement bracing face masks that is visibly new normal attitude.

All the while, we offer our heartfelt thanks to the authors for contributing articles to their own publication bringing latest knowledge about refrigeration and HVAC industry for our readers. We continue to attend networking sessions, to enable us provide readers with latest content. This November issue presents coverage on ventilation, health and safety, impact on environment, HVAC and energy efficiency.

The domestic energy consumption increased due to national lockdown and manufacturers in HVAC field may research into innovative energy efficient component or retrofit devices for energy guzzlers; ACs especially. Following initial shock of COVID-19 shutdowns and other mitigation efforts, opportunities for creativity have surged. People got time to think variably, and this all happenings will storm into new ways of thinking and actions under new normal.

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Pravita Iyer

Publisher & Director

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