What are the product lines that Oventrop is now marketing in India?

Oventrop is a German organization, and pioneered in hydronic balancing and control products for HVAC, potable water systems and solar thermal systems. Oventrop manufactures all products under strict quality control in its own factories in Germany. OV products are certified by competent authorities like DVGW, DNV etc. These products are being used in India and repeat purchase from customers talks big about our product quality and reliability. Our products are more focused on life cycle cost rather than just initial cost. Being manufactured in Germany, quality and usability of products remain our prime focus.

How is the company’s business shaping up in India?

It’s being nine years since Oventrop started its operation in India and we achieved continuous growth ever since. Customers are becoming quality cautious and demanding quality products backed up by after sales support, which is acting as booster to our business. Mechanics being integral part of German manufacturing, our products are almost maintenance free, and our service engineers are utilizing their time for marketing activities rather than handling customer complaints. This speaks lot about our quality and operational advantages. We can proudly say that Oventrop products are with very minimal failure rate and offer trouble free operation to our esteemed customers.

Which sectors are you particularly eying on in India?

As hydronic balancing is important for every sector, we do not limit ourselves to any particular sector. We have customers across all industries like commercial, luxury hotels, pharmaceuticals, shipbuilding and industry as a whole. Our major focus was on HVAC, however we started gaining sizable market share in potable water side as well. Oventrop has products and systems for potable cold and hot water that can be very efficient and attracts energy and water saving (+ Hygiene, legionella etc.).

Today, plumbing industry is adopting more and more international standards and raising Indian plumbing standards, this is a very good sign for highly efficient Oventrop products. Other than HVAC and plumbing, we also focus on solar thermal related systems with highly efficient pumping system for individual villas / houses wherein quality is must and OV products serve this purpose to its best strength. Oventrop is a leader in providing potable water system in Europe, and our target is to penetrate in Indian market as well. With kind of positive changes happening in plumbing industry in India, this is quiet possible and achievable.

What are your latest technologies for India?

Continuous research and development in products offering with respect to global demand is the key for sustainable growth for Oventrop’s business. Oventrop is well equipped with its own R&D centre to ensure market demands are met with required products and innovation on regular basis. Some of the latest technologies in different sectors are:

a. HVAC: Pressure Independent Dynamic Control Valves (PICVs) upt o DN200, Fly pass ( Bypass arrangement for initial flushing of water), Double regulating and commissioning valves up to DN450. Our products’ operating range is -20 Deg C to +150 Deg C. Our PICVs (Cocon Q) are green products and are approved in Malaysian and Singapore green building council.

b. Potable Water: Thermostatic Mixing Valve, Hot water recirculation pumping station within build VFD, Thermal Balancing Valve (takes care of legionella virus in the hot water and cold water systems), All products are DVGW certified.

c. Solar Thermal: Closed circuit hot water Generation system and also supplies only pumping station for hot water system to various other manufacturers in industry. All valves and controls required for safety and operation of solar hot water are supplied by Oventrop in India as well as globally.

d. Shipbuilding Products: Balancing valves, Butterlfy valves, NRVs suitable for marine environment and all our products are DNV certified – so as to use in Shipbuilding Industry.

Do you manufacture any product in India?

All products that Oventrop supplies are manufactured in our facilities in Olsberg and Brilon, Germany. Currently, we do not have any manufacturing facility in any other country than Germany.

How is our respected Prime Minister’s call ‘Make in India’ impacting your business?

It’s a very good initiative by our Central Government, and has a wide scope for Indian as well as global organizations to start manufacturing their products in India. It will surely have an impact – as competition will be stronger and healthy, also quality of products will take the front stage.

Oventrop is already equipped to face such healthy competition in future – and serve Indian market with qualitative products. This initiative will ensure growth in manufacturing – as well as economic growth of India – and as a result there will be demand for goods and services in all sectors. We really look forward for sustainable growth.

Tell me something about the cost competitiveness of your products in India.

Oventrop products are a combination of quality and durability, which is the trade mark of German manufacturing. Considering lifecycle cost, energy saving and manpower optimization; Oventrop products are well competitive in the market – and accepted by major customer whose prime decision making factor remains operation cost and energy efficiency.

Who are your major clients and on which product groups?

Oventrop supplies to various customers across India and all our customers are equally important to us. We provide all required technical support to all our existing customers – so as to have trouble free operation of Oventrop products that they have trusted from time to time. Our customers like Accor Group of hotels, Marriott, Hyatt Group of hotels, Leela Hotels, ACG Pharma, Novartis Pharma, Bengal Chemical, Mission Pharma, K. Raheja Construction, I –Gate, Mumbai International Airport, Khubchandani Hospital, Hiranandani Hospital have trusted Oventrop products for their existing as well as upcoming projects. We support them with Hydronic balancing and potable water related products.

Do you have any plan to start manufacturing in India in near future?

Our Manufacturing facility in Germany is sufficient to take care of any additional demand, and currently we don’t have any plans to manufacture outside Germany.

What is your advice to your prospective customers?

Indian customers are well educated and don’t really need any advice. However, I would like them to look into lifecycle cost rather than initial cost. Technical criteria, after sales support and ease of operation must be considered while making purchase decision.

Very importantly end customer’s technical team must be involved in procurement process even though actual procurement and execution is to be carried out by the contractor. Consultants put in good amount of efforts while designing systems by considering various efficient products in the market – and the same must be adhered to while making a purchase decision.