Post Acute Medical Indoor Biodefense System
Pic by mohamed_hassan on pixabay

Post Acute Medical, LLC (PAM) has deployed Integrated Viral Protection’s (IVP) indoor biodefense system at three of its speciality hospital locations in Las Vegas, Nevada, Victoria, Texas, and San Antonio, Texas as part of the company’s commitment to delivering important health services safely. IVP’s game-changing technology is proven to eliminate the airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 to control the indoor spread of COVID-19. 

Anthony Misitano, Chairman and CEO, PAM said: “IVP’s biodefense technology is an aggressive move towards giving our patients the peace of mind and security they need while seeking essential treatment at our hospitals. The COVID-19 pandemic has been disruptive for everyone and we see our proactive investment in this one-of-a-kind technology as just one of the many steps our organization has taken in our commitment to safety.”

Dr. Garrett Peel, Founding Partner, IVP said: “To control the COVID-19 pandemic, the world needs to utilize science and technology to lead us out of this health crisis. This invention by Monzer Hourani allows doctors and patients to breathe with confidence and focus on patient care.”