Wint Hvac Systems

WINT Water Intelligence has developed a solution that detects and prevents leaks and other issues in chilled water HVAC systems and pipes. The solution prevents water damage by detecting issues, automatically shutting off water flows and isolating impacted areas.

The large building uses chilled water systems to cool the facility and ensure that occupants are comfortable. These systems consist of lengthy piping networks filled with massive amounts of water that flow throughout the building. Water is pumped at many thousands of gallons per hour so when a pipe breaks water accumulates quickly, causing massive damage within a very short timeframe.

WINT uses advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and signal processing technologies to deliver extremely high detection accuracy. The solution detects drip-level leaks in chilled water pipes, allowing maintenance staff to perform corrective action before the issue becomes significant. In case pipes burst and reach damage-potential levels, the system shuts the water off and isolates the impacted area.

Yaron Dycian, Chief Product and Strategy Officer, WINT said: “A leak or burst chiller pipe is the stuff of nightmares for facility and operations managers. Water gushes out at very fast rates and accumulates rapidly. It then flows down the building and causes massive damage in its path. Physical damages can easily reach millions of dollars, let alone the business disruption and the time to bring the facility back to order.”

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