The only struggle a cold storage facility faces is to maintain the desired temperature to preserve their valuable material for long. Cold storage facilities thus are always in search for a high-performance freezer door, which helps them minimize convection and energy loss which occurs from operations of the conventional cold storage doors.

High-Speed Freezer Duo doors curated by Gandhi Automations are sturdy, dependable and an ideal fit for maintaining temperature control and separate environments with extremely different thermal conditions, at the same time preventing icing or condensation. These doors have an operating temperature range of +400C to -350C which makes them suitable for both positive and negative temperatures.

To prevent ice formation during intensive cooling, Gandhi Automations’ high-speed freezer duo doors have a functionality of partial and full opening. Its intelligent dual curtain technology – can simultaneously perform open and close operations.

High-Speed Freezer Duo doors ensures that hot air and cold air never mix when the door is opened thanks to its specially designed guides equipped with Hot air blower. These guides are made of Galvanized steel with heating elements to reduce convection; stainless and aluminum guides are also available on request. It therefore ensures the maintenance of the temperatures established for the environments as well as prevents contamination and hazards resulting from the formation of ice and condensation.

The high operating speed combined with an excellent seal optimizes the internal traffic flow and provide energy savings. A strong 415V three-phase heavy-duty motor with an inverter system can open doors at a speed of up to 2.5 m/s.

They are self-repairing so its curtain resets in case it comes out of the guide due to an accident or when force opened by a forklift. If impacted, the curtain will release from the side guide and automatically reset on the next door cycle as there are no metal parts within the curtain design. The doors are manufactured with European collaboration and technology with innovative and creative engineering.

Gandhi Automations High-Speed Freezer Duo not only helps maintain temperature but also in human safety. High-Speed Freezer Doors have a revolutionary soft bottom edge and sensor combine to ensure operator safety at all times.

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