Gandhi Automations is one of the leading diversified suppliers to the pharma sector, serving pan India customer accounts in more than 23 cities. Clean room doors (Prime Clean Reset) are designed for inside applications requiring limitation of leak flow. The perfect sealing properties of Prime Clean Reset provide environmental control and protect the inside environment against draughts, dust and dirt. Clean room doors provided by the company also has self-repairing system.

One of the most imperative aspects of clean rooms is the door for clean room facility. Time for which door is open will play a critical factor in avoiding dirt, temperature, humidity etc. Opening and closure of door has to quick enough to isolate the two areas.

Gandhi Automations provides Clean Room High Speed Doors specifically designed for the above purpose. Its Clean Room High Speed Doors are the best suited for pharma industry where one needs to control environment. The opening and closing of door are fast enough to separate two areas.

In the high-volume, 24/7 facility, turns in the cooler happen twice a day and, in the freezer, inventory turns occur every day and a half. With traffic streaming in and out of the building through 47 dock doors, losing a single high-traffic door could severely jeopardise deliveries.

Prime Freeze High Speed Doors are a perfect solution where cold storage with negative temperatures to as low as – 22°F is required. The curtain is made of reinforced PVC vinyl with heated side guides. Optionally, a special and innovative insulated flexible curtain is also available. High Speed Freezer Doors are the solution when temperature control is critical and where forklift traffic is high.

“If a cooler door is down, that could be detrimental to our operation,” says warehouse manager, who notes that a single inoperable door could cost 30 per cent of shipping capacity. “We cannot afford to lose an opening. We are hard on things, and that’s why we need durable doors.”

High-Speed Freezer Duo Doors not only help to maintain temperature but also aid human safety. These Doors have a revolutionary soft bottom edge and sensor combine to ensure operator safety at all times. High-Speed Freezer Duo doors curated by Gandhi Automations are sturdy, dependable and an ideal fit for maintaining temperature control. To prevent ice formation during intensive cooling, the high-speed freezer duo doors have a functionality of partial and full opening. Its intelligent dual curtain technology – simultaneous open-and-close operation has blower/dryer to maintain temperature balance.

Fast door speed also reduces the likelihood of panel collisions with tall-mast forklifts. In the event of a collision, the self-repairing system automatically resets the panel back into its guide without human intervention.

To avoid accidental contact with door panels, an LED safety light system along the door columns warns employees when the door is about to close and when it is actually closing. Two photo eyes, (cells) a dual-pneumatic reversing edge and threshold warning lights will reverse the descending door panel if an employee is in the doorway.         

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