“Strengthening on Local, Focusing International Markets”

Providing exhaustive details about company’s product basket, projects and candidly believing in ‘Strengthening on Local’, Ms. Kshama Jain, Managing Director, Kehems Technologies, responding in email interaction with Gopal Anand from Cooling India, asserts her focus on being most trustworthy service provider nationally and globally, in coming times.

Tell us about Kehems Technologies journey, manufacturing, select range of HVAC products and standing by vocal, local and go global strategy.

The journey of Kehems is a journey of an extraordinary entrepreneur, who had dreams of doing something for his country in the area of his excellence and under ordinary circumstances. His persistence helped him to surpass every challenge and he came up with world class product basket, which is not only innovative but also energy efficient. Yes, I am talking about my father, Late Deepak Kemkar sir, who has laid the foundation for success story of Kehems.

In the Year 1987, Kehems was born with focus on Energy, Engineering and Environmental audit. Further, it evolved into a manufacturing company since association with CIAT in 1992, and in 1997, Kehems started working for global markets along with CIAT. There was some turbulence in second decade of this millennium when the Founder President and Owner of CIAT  passed away, and since then the journey of self-sustainability or in today’s terminology being vocal about local and going global strategy has been adapted by Kehems around 2017.

Kehems has always given attention to the demands of Indian Market and has always been the first Entrant or Pioneer to bring innovative and energy efficient solutions to Indian Market.

We are driven by enthusiasm, determination and trust gained from credible engineering, reliable products and trustworthy team of extraordinary professionals. We are nationally and internationally recognized brand, committed for leading the global requirements of HVACR with trustworthy and technically correct solutions, best- in- class service capabilities and recognition of customers’ needs to manage the demand and supply equilibrium.

We are working in four basic areas of solutions: Solutions through Products; through execution of projects; through credible services and solutions through energy finance business.

As you have asked about manufacturing range, then I take pride in mentioning that we have a perfect product basket named herein, categorised as three solutions.

Cooling solutions:  The solutions cover products as Water Cooled and Air cooled SCREW Chillers upto 650TR. SCROLL Chillers upto 103 TR; Water Cooled Scroll Chillers and Low Temperature Refrigeration Application Chillers.

Heating Solutions: These have SCREW Heat Pumps upto 1500 KW; SCROLL Heat Pumps upto 147 KW; Air to Air Industrial Application Heat Pumps; Air to Water and Water to water SCROLL Heat Pumps.

Energy Efficient Thermal Energy solutions: Thermal Energy Storage System (TESS ) is the path breaking innovation for better energy conservation and optimum utilization of the cooling energy resources.

Kehems Technologies is one of the pioneers in India and globally, for advocating and successfully implementation of TESS systems with more than 200+ Reference projects in India and abroad. It’s a leading exporter of technology and system to Europe, South East Asia & China.

Our Factory at Umrikheda near Indore, Madhya Pradesh is equipped with AHRI Test Bench for Chiller Testing. The plant at Indore is unique blend of engineering excellence and Social Responsibilities. Close to 40% manpower is from Village Umrikheda, whom we have trained in Europe along with emphasis on female manpower employed in various roles. It was much before, when the Rural and Women empowerment movement started; that our Chairman Deepak Kemkar envisaged it, three decades ago.

Could you expand on the range of products manufactured by your company and applications thereof including any expansion of product portfolio?

As stated above, we have wide range of products in Screw Chillers and Heat Pumps, Scroll Chillers and Heat Pumps and Thermal Energy Storage System. The applications of our products span right from domestic use- that is domestic heat Pumps with in-built Tanks in 3.5 KW range – to one of the biggest district cooling systems, globally.

In Screw Chillers, we are very well recognised across healthcare industry, hospitality industry, and industrial applications and also in special application projects. Our screw heat pumps are most acclaimed and appreciated across the Pharmaceutical segment, and we are most trusted brand in hospitality segment, as well.

When we speak about Scroll product range, right from process application to hospitality, hospitals, and industrial use for special application or Spot Cooling in Medical Equipment, these products have great reputation and acceptance. Our scroll heat pumps have secured
the leadership across the segments and there are more than hundreds of reference projects available for their credibility.

We are the only Indian company who can give upto 75 Deg C hot water in heat pumps and now further additions are also happening in this series.

Whenever there are challenges of Energy, TOD, or Peak Load Shaving and using the most economic way of air conditionings; TES range has no further competition and established references across the nation and globe talks a loud about these solutions.  In low temperatures applications of food process, pharmaceuticals, process cooling/chilling and in many special applications, we provide our low- temperature refrigeration chiller range and we can go up comfortably around -30deg C. We are the only company of India, which has capability and test bench to demonstrate the factory test of these products on BRINE solutions.

If we have to generalise, no applications are left for Kehems to contribute in the areas of HVACR of Industry.

What is the precise range of heat pumps as well as thermal energy storage systems and could you detail about the specific installation for industry usage?

Precise range of the Heat pumps is mentioned herein.

SCREW Heat Pumps upto 1500 KW as catalogue product and can go upto any tailor made capacity. With out-late water temperature ranging from 45 Deg to 75 Deg C.

SCROLL Heat Pumps upto 147 KW as catalogue product and as Tailor Made capacity of 260 KW with outlet water temperature of 60 Deg C.

Air to Air Industrial Application Heat Pumps are always designed for application and they are specially engineered solutions.

Air to Water SCROLL Heat Pumps are available upto 161 KW as heating capacity with 60 Deg outlet water temperature. Our Scroll Heat Pumps are specially equipped with skid mounted and factory fitted recirculation pumps to make it easy for installation, application and servicing of the products.

We also have a special range in Swimming Pool Heating upto 147KW of heating capacity.

If we have to speak about a specific use, then there are many Hospitality Chains working with us and having our products fitted across the nation in their properties.

In a case of explaining an example, for a very reputed 450 bed hospital project in MP, we have provided a heat pump solution with below parameters.

Design Considerations for Hot Water Systems: Hot water required for 450 no. beds Hospital; hot water temperature required @60˚C and optimisation of hot water generation.

Proposed, Supplied & Installed System by KEHEMS: 3 Nos. Water Cooled Screw Heat Pumps of 116 KW capacity (2 W + 1 St.by); Requisite pumps, 2 Nos. PHEs of 100 KW capacity, Tank and interconnecting piping & valves and panel.

In Short : Project Financials for Hot Water Systems.

Total Project Cost – Rs. 40.00 Lacs.

Expected savings per annum at 100 % load –
Rs. 39.57 Lacs.

Payback period – Less than 13 months.

Other added advantages: Heat Pump falls under energy saving devices and depreciation @ 80 % can be claimed in First Year and with condition of compulsory use of Solar heating under ECBC Code waived off with use of heat pumps.

In case of Thermal Energy Storage Systems, they are always preferred when-

-Shift cooling demands to off peak hours.
-When we need to reduce required Chiller Capacity for meeting the peak Load.
-Reduce maximum electrical demand and hence corresponding electrical installations.
-Switch off Chillers during peak tariff period.
-Durability of life and savings in OPEX.

TESS can be applied to reduce  chiller size: by 30-70%; refrigerant charge ;  size of heat rejection plant ; electrical demand;  plant room space ; chiller short cycling ; system maintenance costs  and  system operation costs.

TESS can be applied to Increase cooling capacity from existing plant; chiller annual efficiency; smoothness of electrical load profile; energy management; system life expectancy; the COP and the reliability of the system and system control.

And, for Environment reduction of CO2 emissions; reduction of electrical consumption during peak hours; increase of electrical power plant efficiency due to the shift of electricity from on peak to off peak periods (saving of primary energy); better energy management (Savings up to 15%).

In case of TESS we have done more than 200+ Installations, however to name few In India:

-11000 TRH – Nirlon Knowledge Park, Mumbai
-10000 TRH – Empire Mall, Aurangabad
-7000   TRH – Raipur Secretariat
-4000   TRH – Raipur HOD Building
-7450   TRH – Supreme IT Park, Mumbai
-3600   TRH – Frontier Biotech, Chennai
-6000   TRH – Cerebrum IT Park, Pune
-3000   TRH – Mall at Durgapur.

Asia World Expo, Hong Kong
Tidel Park, Chennai
Petronas Tower, Kuala Lumpur

Globally, we did the biggest Cristopia Thermal Energy Storage System

The Putra Jaya District Cooling Plant 3300 m3 of AC.00 Nodules (181 500 kWh – 52,000 TRH). This DCS system supplies chilled water to the Malaysia first Minister department. This installation is equipped with three 2200 TR Centrifugal chillers.

-Tidel Park, Chennai
3000 TR Chillers + 24000 TRH Storage
-Asia World Expo, Hong Kong
2826 TR Chillers + 18000 TRH Storage
-Petronas Tower, Kuala Lumpur
6600 TR  Chillers + 43000 TRH Storage

It must be always noted that TESS are tailor made systems and not products, thus engineering application knowledge is major fact behind success of Kehems.

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