Sustainability is high priority for CET Enviro

CET Enviro offers a range of innovative technologies that optimises and maintains heat transfer performance in large scale cooling systems such as water-cooled chillers, commercial HVAC-Arvind Kumar, Associate Director- Marketing, CET Enviro.

CET Enviro offers a range of innovative technologies that optimises and maintains heat transfer performance in large scale cooling systems such as water-cooled chillers, commercial HVAC, cooling tower, commercial buildings, power plants, and oil and gas industries.

CET Enviro with advanced technology
At CET Enviro, we designate sustainability as a high priority environmental aspect, and we understand that cooling systems are the biggest contributor to energy and water resource waste. All our technologies present a high scope to save both these vital resources. For us, customer satisfaction is always a key priority area. With our most efficient service network spread across all metros and major cities, we are getting repeated and cross-product business from our customers. This has given us repeated opportunities to associate with many premium names in Indian market.

We offer three major technologies for cooling systems. Each of these green technologies present a unique identity to address the critical issues of energy and water wastage in the industry and the demand for these technologies is exponential since the time they are launched in India.
• Non-chemical treatment of Cooling Tower Water (SBR)
• Automatic Condenser Cleaning system (ACCS)
• Energy Monitoring Systems (EMOS).
SBR saves at least 50 per cent of the water consumption, while ACCS gives upto 30 per cent of the energy costs savings.

Through our current installation of SBR of 3500 TR in Mumbai, we have saved water equivalent to daily water requirement of at least 100 families. You can imagine, how much we can save through these revolutionary products. This has resonance with our mission to save environment by saving water and energy consumption in cooling systems, and most importantly by eliminating the use of chemicals usage for water treatment in cooling system – so to reduce river and groundwater contamination. It will be worthwhile to quote the recent NITI Aayog report stating that 600 million people in India face high-to-extreme water stress. Almost 75 per cent of households do not have drinking water on-premises and 84 per cent rural households do not have access to piped water. Moreover, factors such as rapid climate change and ongoing over-extraction of groundwater, mainly for agriculture, are pushing the system to a breaking point, the Aayog had observed.

Our technologies, specialised for cooling systems, are helping hundreds of customers in sectors such as pharma, hotels, hospitals, airport, power, and others to achieve their green goals while enhancing the life of their capital asset.

Most importantly, these green technologies also abolish the use of harsh chemicals that were traditionally used in cooling systems and posing a major risk to health, product, organisation and the country’s environment dispensing through air and water bodies. We have our R&D based in Israel – the leader of innovation & technology. This distinguishes us on aspect of quality and performance of all our products.

Business plan for 2020
The motivation to go green has not only become the part of most of the corporates CSR today, but it is an aspect of sustainability in the future business environment. The best aspect of our technologies is that it yields results, year-on-year. Customer can accrue the benefit of the savings in energy and water till the lifecycle of the chiller and cooling tower.

Our R&D teams, back in Israel aims that giving the most efficient product build with most advanced with newest technologies. We keep innovating new features in our products in pace with industry needs. In recent times, we have introduced many new additional features in ACCS. We have a healthy base of around 1,000 installations and wide reach in India and abroad. We further plan to take our offerings to some new markets internationally that we have identified for mid-term growth.

CET Enviro at ACREX 2020
ACREX is South-Asia’s largest B2B exhibition on airconditioning. Because of the genre of our products in cooling efficiency, we have been participating in ACREX for last few years. This year, at ACREX 2020 show at Greater Noida, we are showcasing our green technologies for cooling system that have been contributing in reduction of water and energy significantly. This would include the non-chemical treatment of Cooling Tower Water (SBR), Automatic Condenser Cleaning System (ACCS) for chillers and Energy Monitoring Systems (EMOS).

Our technical experts would be present at the show to handle any queries and to educate visitors towards these environment friendly technologies.