The HVAC industry in India is expected to become a $ 7.7 billion industry by the year 2022, growing at a CAGR of seven percent1, resulting in continued development in terms of energy-efficient and data-driven technologies, highlights Gaurav Mathur, Business Development (Building Services), Grundfos India - By the Cooling India Content Team

What’s latest with the company, elaborate on the business and how the company pioneers to meet customer demand?

With an annual production of 17 million pumps, Grundfos is a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology. The company is a signatory to the UN’s SDG 6 and 13 goals, by pioneering innovative water solutions that improve quality of life for people and care for the planet. Our smart water technology solutions help customers move water to where it is supposed to go, in an energy efficient manner. Our applications can be broadly classified into buildings, water utility and industrial processes. Grundfos India is a 100% subsidiary of the Denmark based global company. The company has leveraged its global competencies to successfully meet the requirements of its Indian customers with an extensive network across the country with more than 200 distributors, Point of Sale outlets and authorized service centres. Grundfos has always been working towards introducing a new era of intelligent pumps with unprecedented performance.

Grundfos pumps are intelligent pumps equipped with an integrated variable frequency that allows adjustment of the speed and flow, remotely, based on demand. Most of our pumps can be augmented with Grundfos’ digital frontrunner, iSOLUTIONS, with maximum efficiency at a minimum consumption of energy. These solutions use sensors to understand the flow and pressure of water, providing better energy savings than mechanical means and can potentially reduce overall system costs and improve overall life. Data collected from the pump via sensors can be used to provide actionable insights that can be used relevantly.

With sustainability at the core of its business, how has Grundfos been working towards pioneering intelligent, reliable, highly efficient, sustainable and quality pumps for HVAC applications?

Grundfos supplies a broad range of pumps across applications that can be classified into buildings, the water utility and industrial processes. A diverse range of buildings from family homes to commercial properties, Grundfos pumps cater to the vastly different requirements and challenges when it comes to water accessibility and availability. While at the same time ensures optimal comfort and safety without compromising energy consumption. TPE3 pumps with its intelligent control modes and unparalleled energy efficiency play an integral role in bringing hot water to your faucets and cool air to your ventilators. They are used primarily in commercial and domestic buildings such as hotels, airports, office buildings and hospitals, and have a host of heating and cooling applications.

Offering a broad range of pump systems for industrial processes, utilities, system builders and OEMs that can be used to optimize wastewater processes and improve productivity to meet the specific needs of the industries. The Grundfos iSOLUTIONS ensures efficiency of wastewater management through real-time monitoring of the wastewater process and providing insights that help reduce downtime. This solution also provides warnings for overflow or any mismanagement of flow/pressure. As we prepare to be future ready, digital solutions and e-pumps are going to be important growth drivers across every industry with effective utilization, with intelligent pumps providing unparalleled utilities and services. Also, our solutions are future ready to meet the demands of Digitalization, Connectivity and System Optimization trends. Our next generation intelligent pumps with an integrated variable frequency provide optimal efficiency with actionable insights at the lowest lifecycle cost. Also, we are best equipped to customise solutions for any application across our broad product portfolio.

How has Artificial Intelligence helped enhance global sustainability? Elaborate on your supply chain. Also, help us with some of the current projects your company is into.

Digitalization is the first step towards leveraging the benefits of artificial intelligence. We have built the foundation of digitalization of pump solutions with our world-class iSOLUTIONS, sensors and wireless technology. Grundfos’ controls, monitoring and maintenance solutions utilize machine learning algorithms to achieve system energy optimization, predictive maintenance and alarms set. According to a report published by Frost Sullivan in September 2017, Global Condition Monitoring Equipment Market expected to surpass $2 Billion revenue in 2021, driven by technology convergence and increasing awareness. Automation for pumping technologies is expected to be a significant part of this Condition Monitoring Equipment market.

What role does policy and regulation play in the wider scope of things? 

Grundfos creates value through close relations with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. We also realize the key role that policy and regulation plays in ensuring that key aspects such as sustainability, standards and efficiencies are not only set but also adhered to. Through our associations with industry associations like AEEE, CII, MCCI and IPA we aim to take the industry’s inputs and recommendations to the Government and concerned authorities and we also leverage these platforms to promote awareness on energy and water conservation in India.