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Testo launches Smart Probes

Measurement technicians in any facility or plant maintenance and HVACR maintenance are responsible for the smooth and cost-efficient operation of refrigeration systems, air conditioning plants and heat pumps, and are under a high level of time and cost pressure. Jobs using measuring instrumentation (functional testing and servicing) must be processed reliably, easily and quickly including documentation. In that regard, Testo extends its range of revolutionary smart measurement solutions with 3 new Testo Smart Probes. These innovative, pocket-sized pro-measuring instruments carry additional advantages with excellent innovative features and designs. Now measurement becomes easier and more efficient as the contractors and service engineer can address larger number. of application areas conveniently.

Testo had figured out the importance of smartphone in day-to-day life at a very early stage and even successfully integrated the feature of smart working into measurement tasks as well. The existing eight smart probes were the result of innovation in developing smart and compact measuring instruments which can be connected to the smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and conveniently and intuitively operated via app. They proved out to be a great development in the HVACR segment making on-site measurement and data sharing so simple. Taking a step ahead, Testo introduces 3 new smart probes in its basket namely new Testo 605i (thermo-hygrometer), new Testo 549i (high-pressure measuring instrument) and new Testo 115i (clamp thermometer).

New Designs & Improved Operations

The new Testo 605i has thinner probe tip which is ideal for smaller measurement apertures and openings to measure humidity and temperature. It also has a stable magnetic holder given at the back for secure attachment. Not only that, the new Testo 605i has a bendable probe feature which makes measurement more comfortable at the outlets, vents or at any other difficult to access locations. The new Testo 549i pressure measuring probe is redesigned and its connection is angled at 45-degree for easy mounting. The new Smart Probes Testo 115i, Testo 605i and Testo 549i have an extended Bluetooth range of upto 100 metres. With the telescope of the Testo 405i, the reach is extended by 400 mm in ventilation duct measurements.

Operationally, these probes are much advanced as they can perform additional functions. In addition to the cooling and heating performance of these probes, they are capable enough to conduct functional testing of refrigeration and heating systems. For example, for an air conditioned ambience, there is no need to measure the ambient parameters and duct outlet parameters separately, instead they can be measured at the same time even if the vent is placed outside the room. This feature is possible due to the increased Bluetooth range of these probes.

Mould detection can be carried out using the Testo 605i and infrared thermometer Testo 805i.

Smart sets for smarter technicians

In order to facilitate refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation contractors with all the measuring instruments necessary for their daily jobs, Testo offers tailor-made sets which are better, focused and kits including Testo Smart Case for Heating, VAC, RAC, HVAC applications. Respective technicians can conduct their on field measurement tasks, record and share the data by using his smart phone. Multiple probes are available in these kits at special prices, which enables safe storage and comfortable transportation of instruments. They are suitable for all important temperature, humidity, pressure and flow velocity measurements.

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