Testo 552 – Digital vacuum gauge with Bluetooth

The testo 552 is a high-precision digital vacuum gauge designed to provide the user with reliable readings. It has all the measuring functions need for evacuating refrigerant systems and heat pumps. It is built to last and tough enough to take the odd knock. It is extremely precise, rugged and practical – with visual alarm and backlit display.

Via a Bluetooth interface, the testo 552 connects with the testo Smart Probes App on the user’s smartphone or tablet. This allows monitoring the absolute pressure reached during the evacuation conveniently and wirelessly. In addition to this, the measurement results can be quickly documented in the App and sent by e-mail. And because the digital vacuum gauge is IP42 rated (water resistant and dirt-proof), it is virtually impervious to moisture and dirt.

Testo 316-3 – Refrigerant leak detector

The testo 316-3 refrigerant leak detector can detect all the most common cooling agents and locate even the smallest leaks in refrigeration systems. The leak detector complies with all important regulations and norms which makes it an idea instrument for the kit of a refrigerant technician. Comes with an automatic zero setting that also enables the user to locate leaks in contaminated rooms.

  • Can detect all the most common cooling agents: CFCs,HFCs, FCs
  • Easy-to-use one-button operation – no need to select coolingagent characteristics first
  • Highly sensitive (< 4 g/a – 1g/a according to DIN EN14624:2012standard) – detects even the smallest leaks
  • Complies with specifications for F gases regulations, SAE Code J1627 and DIN EN14624:2012 standard
  • A visual and audible alarm which are activated when a leak is detected
  • Quick and easy sensor change.

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