What is your take on the latest trends on Industrial HVAC?

Majorly everything in the industrial HVAC has now gone smart and intuitive. Every application, all the work processes and operations are getting automated. Safety and maintenance have become the top priority and because of which T&M instruments are now the most necessary thing. This paradigm shift is good news for the sector as it ensures great outputs and improved efficiency with reduced system down time, wastage & errors. Benefits are endless and for everyone related to the industrial HVAC.

What are the growth drivers of industrial HVAC?

IIoT or the Industrial Internet of Things has become a new establishment in the industrial operation and functioning. Globally, it has shown tremendous impact on almost every sector in a short span of time. IIoT has promoted the usage of smart and networked equipment that reduce down time of any facility, keep lesser human involvement, and imply automatic operation of devices that can communicate, interpret and adjust of its own seamlessly. Concepts look very promising and is sure to govern the HVACR sector. Another highlight would be the Indoor Air Quality measurement which would have higher implications and can turn out to be a concern for the test and measurement industry. Testo already offers products like testo 440, testo 400 intuitive air velocity and IAQ measuring instruments which can carry out measuring tasks on air conditioning and ventilation systems reliably under control with just one versatile instrument and multiple range of probes.

What are the products and services offered by you for industrial HVAC?

With so much vibrancy in the industry, Testo brings out its latest and the smartest solution for the HVAC sector. We have a range of Smart Probes which equip the users with smart and easy measurement techniques using the smartphone interface. These can be wirelessly and intuitively operated by smartphone via a free app. For HVACR contractors and technicians, measurement is now more mobile than ever before, with the new Testo Smart Probes. Testo 420 air capture hood for measuring the air volume flow has made the measurements easier even at the turbulent inlets or outlets. Testo has a range of electronic refrigeration manifolds or analysers that not only helps to measure pressure but also calculates accurately the sub-cooling and superheating temperatures, based on the refrigerants selected. In addition to electronic refrigeration manifolds, Testo also has digital vacuum measuring instrument like testo 552 for the evacuation of refrigeration or air conditioning systems and heat pumps. Testo provides and which should be a part of every professional’s refrigeration technology equipment is testo 316-3 – electronic leakage detector for refrigerants. It detects even the smallest leaks, thanks to its high level of sensitivity. It helps the engineer to trace the leaking spots and thus, saves the expensive gas from leaking which also is a reason for an inefficient system. Testo also has products like testo 440, intuitive air velocity and IAQ measuring instrument which can carry out measuring tasks on air conditioning and ventilation systems reliably under control with just one versatile instrument and multiple range of probes. And as the latest contribution to the industry, testo rings in the new generation of IAQ measurement technology: The new testo 400 which is the universal measuring instrument for all air flow and IAQ applications, and impresses with smart technology, fast readiness and convenient application.

What growth do you envisage for industrial HVAC the next fiscal?

India is termed as an emerging market and the numbers are only growing. In a very short span of time the HVAC sector has seen many inventions, technological advancements and applications. Even the government has also become so focused on the upcoming concepts like smart cities, air quality, human comfort etc that the HVAC industry is sure to see a great future ahead as the applications are going to increase. With that we also assume that the testing and measurement sector will surely be placed on a progressive curve for the coming year due to the increase in demands for measuring equipment.

With multiple new launch products, we hope to offer solutions that will help Testo touch the new zenith of technology and support the HVAC market.