With the rapid growth of the commercial sector, we are seeing a boom in buildings across the country. While providing the necessary services, these spaces are focusing on ensuring their clients have the utmost comfort possible including optimal and efficient cooling through HVAC systems. From hotels and hospitals to office towers and airports, every commercial building has its own special requirements.

The focus should also be on how HVAC systems put a tremendous amount of pressure on our energy sources as they consume almost 50% of the total energy, in effect, impacting the climate. Hence, the world should divert their attention to research and development of intelligent systems that provide increased efficiency through sustainable solutions.

More HVAC systems means a significant increase in energy consumption and maintenance as well as the possibility of breakdowns – all resulting in increased costs. Striking a balance by planning HVAC systems from the outside in and by thinking about the whole system will increase comfort levels, future-proof buildings and also save energy.  The solution here lies in pumps and pump systems that deliver maximum efficiency with minimum energy consumption.

Emergence of intelligent HVAC systems

Pumps are a vital component of HVAC systems and contribute to its overall efficiency. Today with the emergence of industry 4.0 solutions, we have seen the rise of intelligent pumping systems that can detect critical system flaws ahead of time to prevent disruptions or downtime. Such technological advancements can help reduce energy consumption by at least 50% and balance building operations in a more efficient way.

Grundfos specializes in digitalized water technologies such as iSOLUTIONS. This solution enables real-time monitoring, remote control, system optimization, fault prediction and preventive maintenance to achieve the highest level of performance and savings, both in cost and energy through E-pumps. For example, the Confederation of Indian Industries’ (CII’s) Sohrab Godrej Green Business Center, demonstrated immense energy saving of 50% and 75% water efficiency with the installation of iSOLUTIONS and the Grundfos CRE pump for the building’s air-conditioning systems.

Another way for ensuring energy and cost savings in buildings is through swapping of old and obsolete pumps with intelligent pumps. Energy Checks is a diagnostic tool ideated by specialists to figure out consumption of excessive energy. Intelligent and energy efficient pumps can provide not only durable water solutions but also help in cost savings and reduce the environmental impact of commercial buildings.

For instance, in Dubai, a country that experiences summer heat throughout the year, HVAC systems are usually utilized on a larger scale to combat complications brought on by the arid climate. H&H Property Management and Development, a property management and services company based in Dubai was experiencing unusually high electricity costs at two of its buildings, Green Tower (commercial) and Falcon Tower (residential). An Energy Check conducted on the buildings helped address their issue and they installed efficient pumps. This led to a reduction in the pumps’ power consumption by 46% in one of the towers and 57% in another. Overall, these buildings reduced their total energy savings – including that from chillers, ventilation, and lights – between 20-25%.

Moving towards a sustainable future

The emergence of intelligent HVAC systems is an inevitable part of our lives. Total energy demands of the commercial buildings and households will tally up to almost 800,000 GW by the year 2025 in India. But, through energy efficient HVAC solutions, this can be brought down by 330,000 GW as projected  and an estimated INR 900 billion can be saved.

By cutting down carbon emissions through the adoption of such sustainable technologies in the HVAC systems, we can have a positive impact on our climate and environment. Commercial buildings can then provide the ideal comfort for its occupants all while reducing costs and doing good for the planet.

Ajit Jainath Singh is the Area Sales Director – Commercial Building Services, INDO and Sub-Saharan Africa Region, Grundfos.


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