To keep pace with new technology and help simplify product safety requirements for manufacturers, UL announces UL 2683, a new standard. UL has combined UL 1673, the Standard for Electric Space Heating Cables; UL 1683, the Outline for Electric Heating Products for Installation Under Floor Coverings; and UL 1693, the Standard for Electric Radiant Heating Panels and Heating Panel Sets, and has published a comprehensive new Standard for Electric Heating Systems for Floor and Ceiling Installation: UL 2683, the Standard for Electrical Heating Systems for Floor and Ceiling Installation.

Electric radiant heating systems are a convenient and effective method of providing comfort heat to rooms or spaces. These systems work by providing a heat source within or below a floor or within or above a ceiling, which in turn provides heat to the surrounding environment via conduction, convection and/or radiant heat transfer. Electric radiant heating systems typically consist of cables, panels or mats/sheets and are intended to be installed as fixed equipment.

UL 2683 not only supersedes the legacy standards but also includes newly developed requirements for current trends in heating systems technology. Product types covered under UL 2683 include:

– Heating cable and Heating panels, mats and sheets for floor and ceiling installation
– Modular flooring, Self-regulating, Low-voltage and Under-carpet heating systems

A variety of stakeholders within the industry collaborated on the development of this new Standard. The result is an up-to-date ANSI-approved consensus Standard that can now be used for the evaluation and certification of a wider array of electric heating products.

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