Worldwide lockdown has made us realise the significance of saving life giving planet and hence a new wave of sustainable and green technologies is on the rise in the HVAC category. From Smart homes to smart workspaces, everything is digital in the new virtual world that we are living. HVAC industry is adapting to this new norm with unmatched controller technologies and a lot more. In the post pandemic world, automation has a huge role to play. Be it home, shopping malls or workplace, the urge to minimise human interaction to ensure both safety and comfort is here to stay for some time.

Right from sensor technologies minimizing touch points to networked devices offering comfort and ease, consumers are looking for intervention of smart technologies. The role of air conditioning, which is more than a luxury these days, grows beyond its conventional role of simply conditioning the air. Amongst other things, air conditioning is to be adaptable, internet -enabled, aesthetically appealing, and energy efficient, and laced with built-in smart sensors that assess the needs of the customers even before the customer does.

New India’s initiative towards green buildings and smart cities, is giving an added impetus to the current Indian HVAC&R industry to develop not only smart and energy efficient but also affordable HVAC solutions. And in order to satiate the ever increasing demands, more and more global and local players are shifting their attention to India, thus making the country a true global manufacturing hub for HVAC equipment.

Hitachi Cooling and Heating is constantly producing best technology products and has established itself as a leading ‘Air Expert’ in the B2B space. Hitachi Cooling and Heating has earned a special reputation with the highest brand recall, amongst the consumers for its superior quality, advance technology, unbeatable performance and long life products.

For the commercial building segment, we offer VRF Systems and Ductable Air Conditioners. Designed keeping in mind the needs of Architects and HVAC Consultants, Hitachi Cooling and Heating has introduced new SET-FREE Sigma (∑) Series. Named after the Mathematical symbol “∑” which stands for the combined strengths of Hitachi Cooling and Heating VRF Technologies, this series has been designed with global expertise, especially for the Indian climate and consumers. It offers higher energy efficiency, engineered aesthetics, enhanced strengths, compact design, compact cooling and heating. Thus, with least energy wastage, maximal capacity in minimalistic floor space, SET FREE Sigma Series gives energy efficient performance combined with premium looks.

The company has recently introduced country’s first of its kind premium and luxurious air conditioning system ‘SET FREE mini’ to match modern lifestyle choices. The product is aesthetically designed to suit the exquisite interiors and exteriors of premium bungalows and apartments, luxurious villas, restaurants, cafés and workspaces. SET FREE mini is a unique product designed globally, but keeping India’s climatic conditions in mind.

SET FREE mini boasts of its unique expandable features designed perfectly for premium and luxurious homes and modern commercial spaces. SET FREE mini’s ODU expands its range from 3 HP to 7 HP, so that it can meet any air conditioning need from a 2 bed room to 5 bed room luxurious home. Through its cooling and heating options as per the working need, SET FREE mini provides comfort all throughout the year with its expanded working temperature range of -20 deg C or to 52 deg C. It expands freedom to handpick from multiple style & size options for individual rooms by offering indoor units as mini as 0.8 HP to as big as 6 HP capacity.

Multiple outdoor units of conventional air conditioning spoil the aesthetics beauty of exterior and clutter the space. The exquisite interiors are compromised with conventional Hi Wall split air conditioner. SET FREE mini aims to set free modern lifestyle customers, architects, interior designers and developers from these compromises by offering futuristic air conditioning technology. SET FREE mini is designed to transform customers home into “picture – perfect”, be it from outside or inside.

SET FREE mini’s outdoor units replace multiple outdoor units to one and thus sets luxurious home exterior free from the clutter. SET FREE mini offers stylish range of ceiling flush cassettes with 1-way, 2-way, 4-way and compact cassettes that blends with your décor. Stunning HiWall style comes in various sizes which gels with every room interior. One can easily hang them high or mount them low as per their interior choices. This air conditioning marvel allows flexibility to connect up to ten indoor units of different styles and capacities in a single piping system to set lavish interior enthusiasts free from complex piping around the house by offering neat installation. Many modern interiors are done with 1-way cassette in order to meet styling aesthetics. Hitachi Cooling and Heating has also introduced the new 1-way cassette with its slim dimension – almost 35% smaller in depth & 20% smaller in height from the current one for stunning décor.

The call of the hour is to manage air conditioning systems in simpler manner and minimize human interaction. In this fast-paced life, we need instant cooling as soon as we enter home, restaurant, school, workspaces etc. A wi-fi based airCloud Pro connects users from any part of the world at one touch. SET FREE mini can be centrally controlled by controllers or by new innovative IoT VRF management mobile app – airCloud Pro. An intuitive app that anyone can use, airCloud Pro makes managing air conditioning systems simpler than ever before, and minimizes human interaction. This technology allows customers to remotely control the VRF system(s) from a single mobile app, saving travel time, and maintaining social distancing. A motion sensor technology “Follows human presence” and accordingly adjusts the airflow and ensures desired comfort.

Overall, we believe the new era of post covid-19 will push Indian HVAC industry to bring innovation, automation and comfort by leveraging futuristic technologies. Working constantly on the philosophy of producing best technology products with the three pillars of – innovation, energy saving and comfort, Hitachi Cooling & Heating aims to achieve high customer satisfaction and to become country’s expert in air conditioning solutions.

Nilesh Shah
Head of Marketing & Business Planning,
Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited.

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