Beside other home appliances, Usha International Ltd., produces Air Coolers. Usha Coolers come equipped with the latest in fan and blower technology to meet all heavy summer cooling needs. The fans and blowers are made of anti-corrosion ABS plastic/aluminium material for longer life and durability. Aerodynamically designed with a large sweep of up to 45 cm, the fans in Usha Coolers provide users with powerful air throw up to 12 m. The 5 leaf fan effectively spreads the air throughout the room along with delivering high volume of air. The Usha TPW cooler series comes with blowers of height up to 46 cm, which are one of the largest in the industry.

The company’s DESERT AIR COOLER MAXX AIR 5050MD1/CD-503 is quite powerful yet economical. Usha Maxx Air coolers are made to provide superior cooling performance with their 3-side Honeycomb and powerful airflow. These coolers like their electronic counterparts are designed to give the user an amazing cooling experience, even on the days of peak dry heat.

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