Vironair Next Generation Technology Hepa Air Purifiers Covid 19 Crisis
Photo by yann maignan on unsplash

VironAire announced the launch of two affordable next-generation technology, medical-grade air purifiers for business and home. Harvard professor Joseph Allen is one of many medical professionals that recommend advanced HEPA air purifiers as a strategy in battling airborne virus droplet transmission. VironAire’s two new and improved portable purifiers employ innovative multi-stage air decontamination in a small footprint. Each unit is specifically designed to make air safer in enclosed spaces, such as schoolrooms, doctor and dentist offices, gyms, spas, salons, daycare, restaurants and bars, nursing homes, business settings, private residences and similar environments.

VironAire successfully integrated many cutting-edge technologies into portable units without sacrificing performance. The result was medical-grade air purification with high CADR’s that are affordable.

  1. David Brown, CTO, VironAire’s said: “This is the first time, such a broad range of sophisticated technologies have been engineered into a compact air purification unit. Our systems employ HEPA-13 along with pioneering 254 nm ultraviolet UV-C light. Furthermore, VironAire incorporates photocatalysis, cold catalysis, activated carbon, molecular sieve and anion generation into the units. Our achievement is the most important advancement of portable purification technology in a generation.