Please take us through the journey of VTS in India so far.

VTS India effectively came to Indian markets with manufacturing facility in 2011 along with focused approach on customer satisfaction with different marketing concept and unique design of products. Since then good increase in acceptability of our product in market is visible or we can say all our customers are appreciating the product quality along with our approach towards manufacturing of units and also the after sales service. That is clearly reflecting in year to year big growth on our customer base and also in growth of the company.

What are products and services offered by the company?

We specialised and focused in the manufacturing of new technology HVAC equipment. The product line includes air handling units, energy recovery units, ventilation units, fan coil units and air curtains.

What are the major areas where you are catering to?

We cater to almost all segments of building engineering services, majorly commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals and process and pharmaceuticals industries.

Indian Ventus AHU

How competitive and energy efficient are your products as compared to your competitors? Do you have any expansion plans in India?

VTS has always focused on energy efficient products since its inception. VTS has always been promoting AHUs with direct driven fans operated with variable frequency drives. We have a full range of products i.e. Air Handling Units, Heat Recovery Wheels, Enthalpy Wheels, Plate Type Heat Exchanges, Heat Pipe and Run around coils to offer. The air curtains we launched recently in India are equipped with EC motor and sooner you will find AHU with more energy recovery or energy saving options.

What are the trends in Indian HVACR market? How has the cooling market evolved in India as compared to the global market?

Indian HVACR market is in a growing trend and experiencing great changes with respects to energy efficient products. Cooling market has evolved strongly and market is demanding on more and more energy efficient units with better Indoor Air Quality. Another technology trend that is growing in Indian market is Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), where equipment are controlled by smart phones or smart meters.

What is the USP of your products? Do you have R&D activities in India in order to give better quality of the products?

Our USP is our unique AHU Casing technology. We employ a continuous skin, C-shaped Casing which is further strengthened by an internal steel framework. We have essentially minimised potential leakage points. The casing has been proven to meet the very high international standards set in EN-1886, which is a measure of the mechanical performance of the AHU. Every unit that comes out from our facility is EUROVENT certified. Our central R&D team is working very closely to each market, collecting the market demand and comes up with the best solutions. The advantage of keeping central R&D is that we are always ahead on innovations based on different country’s market trends.

Ventus S-type

What kind of technological innovations would you like to incorporate in your products considering rising global temperature?

We would like to promote more and more energy efficient and recovery products into the market to optimise the rising global temperature. We would like to introduce the Dual Wheels concept in Indian market in our AHUs for better heat recovery and energy efficient solutions all around the year.

How would you differentiate Indian markets from the global markets while offering your services and products?

As we know Indian market is growing and accepting advance technological changes coming in, still we feel there are big scope in HVAC industry to contribute on energy savings. From time and quality management perspective, delivery of factory assembled plug and play type of units to minimise site work and quality products are standard in global market.

Also in India, demand for factory assemble units just started and hoping that time will come soon when most of the project will require factory assemble with full control equipped AHU which VTS is already offering in global market as its standard feature.

What opportunities would you envisage for VTS with the Indian Government’s focus on development of infrastructure like smart cities, urban transportation projects?

It is a good initiative from government to develop smart cities as that will not only create new employment in the county but will also create opportunities for new technically advanced equipment. As a new developing city all infrastructure and building will have adoption of new technology product and green building concept where we can see big opportunity to contribute by providing energy efficient products and solutions.

On the air handling unit side, we recently developed the compact unit with better energy recovery solutions and also we have introduced our new series of air curtains manufactured in our plant at Poland. These air curtains are equipped with EC motors which are much more energy efficient as compared to the traditional AC motors. These units are very silent and aesthetically much more beautiful and elegant; perfectly blend into the interior of any building. While it comes with a very distinctive design, it also offers uniquely easy installation – horizontally or vertically, pertaining to meet its fundamental functionality in all possible way. It is branded as WING – a diamond in air curtain industry.

What are your suggestions to potential clients?

Our suggestions not only to potential but to all clients have always been to go with latest technology and innovative products which has energy saving potential from the lifecycle cost perspective that will not only reduce running cost of project but also contribute to India’s energy saving efforts.