“We Believe in Customized Product Development …”

Mitsubishi Electric offers diverse range in Heating, Cooling, ventilation & Hygiene products in India. In an exclusive e-interview with Cooling india (CI), Neeraj Gupta, Senior Sales Manager, Mitshubishi Electric, replies the questions sent by Gopal Anand, Editor, CI, sharing views that e-Commerce emerges as a challenge during pandemic creating an impending market shift towards modified approach. Excerpts …

What is your perspective about the HVAC market in India and Mitsubishi Electric’s contribution to this sector?

HVAC systems are the major pillars to build the modern infrastructure. They have been formed to become the major requirement for any industrial, commercial and residential use. The rapid urbanization is the main factor for the rising HVAC market in India. The demand for the HVAC will only rise in the upcoming years as growth in retail, hospitality and commercial sectors is significantly boosting the sector with ease of installation and less space consumption.

Mitsubishi Electric’s commercial and residential air-conditioning systems have earned a global reputation for a higher standard of performance, uncompromising reliability and cost-saving energy efficiency. At the leading-edge of air conditioner innovation, we provide greater comfort to customers while minimizing environmental impact. Our USP is offering Integrated Air Conditioning solutions to control indoor air conditions at a diverse range of facilities. We believe in customized product development to meet various clients across the globe.

Could you detail the diverse product range available in cooling and heating segment as well as the company’s market penetration?

Mitsubishi Electric offer diverse range in heating, cooling, ventilation & hygiene products in India, like Splits (Both Heating & Cooling Type & also Inverter and Fix speed type), inverter & fix speed products in cassettes, ceiling concealed & floor standing type, City-Multi VRF Systems, Lossnay ventilation systems, Air Curtain & Jet Towels.

Mitsubishi Electric comes with an energy efficient Inverter Heat Pump range of air conditioner “MSZ-HP” series known best for the hottest summer day and the coldest winter nights. These ACs, unlike the normal ones, reverse the direction of refrigerant flow by using electrically operated Reverse valves/4way Valve. It makes the inside evaporator of the ACs hot, while keeping the outside condenser cold instead of hot, whenever the thermostat is set to heat. Heat pump type of splits under MSZ-HP Series comes with 5 Star BEE Rating. Another advantage of MSZ-HP AC is that it will provide you with floor space, which is restricted in case of heating equipment, thereby, giving you multiple options to use that free space.

Because of its high quality, superior technology & maintaining global standards in installation & after sales service, Mitsubishi Electric is always counted as top-notch premium AC brand in India. We are one of the youngest brands in the country with just 10 year history of direct operations, but able to make our presence felt across India with presence in all Tier-I & Tier-II cities and now expanding in remote locations through distribution network. We currently operate through 20 offices, 25 resident operations, 5 Training Centre, 26 Warehouses & over 2500 POS.

Most of the consumers who invest in Mitsubishi Electric ACs are the ones, who have already experienced air conditioners from at least one other brand & are looking for improved product & service experience.

What are the features of your new Warranty scheme on Air Conditioners amidst Pandemic Lockdown?

The Air Conditioning Industry has witnessed a sudden downturn during the prevailing pandemic conditions. We are taking prominent measures to support our dealers, customers, service engineers, and trainers while keeping safety as our priority. The New Warranty Scheme is our approach to support our customers in such tough conditions and continue our relationship with trust and confidence in our product and services. Therefore, effective from 1st April 2020, we are offering a 10 Year compressor warranty scheme on the entire range of Inverter and non-inverter type of room air-conditioners (RAC only). Additionally, 5 (1+4) years Controller / PCB warranty on the entire range of inverter and non-inverter type of room air-conditioners (RAC only) with no hidden charges for customer.

What strategies your company is adopting to strengthen its foothold while dealing with COVID pandemic, which has dented businesses and production all around?

The lockdown was announced during the peak season for the AC industry. Thanks to our loyal customers, highly efficient & reliable products, good stock availability & efficient service, we could minimize the impact of lockdown & hopefully will recover soon in the coming months. We used the lockdown period to enhance skill-set through special online training to dealer staff on measures for installation work, technical, product-related issues under Covid-19 situations. Currently, our dealer network is executing new installations smoothly and efficiently. We were able to liquidate most of the inventories in record time and now, we are maintaining stock and product mix for the remaining season to fulfil any sudden demand from a customer. While accomplishing all these tasks, we made sure to gain customer trust with usage of PPE Kits, sanitizer, protection gears like a mask, gloves, headcover and shoe covers, to create topmost hygiene at customer place. We have a strong belief and categorize our customers and employee’s health & safety as our top priority.

FY20-21 is a special year and needs extra care to surpass the adversity and grow stronger than before. Hence, we have placed our strategies in line with the market dynamics and believe that we will adequately manage the COVID-19 pandemic and come out stronger than before.

Do you perceive a market shift from the pre-pandemic scenario globally and conceiving a modified approach towards the products and services provided in terms of HVAC applications?

COVID-19 has created a lot of awareness among consumers and manufacturers, like, there are lots of unseen external environmental factors that need attention. We believe, there will be a market shift towards modified approach, as it is time of survival for the fittest. Due to lack of footfall, retail channel has been severely affected, as customer does not like to visit stores so often now. However, E- commerce has gained its charm, customers are ready to buy air conditioners through direct company portals to have trusted products, with installation and service are well taken care by trained dealer network. Mitsubishi Electric has also modified its website, now customer can easily get connected with our dealer network and dealer can provide optimum solution to customer requirement.

Pandemic has given a new dimension to the way we work at site & the focus is now on the health, safety & hygiene of not only the engineers & technical staff but even the work force doing installation job. I think it will be a major differentiator and manufacturers & dealers will take it very seriously from now onwards.

Could you elaborate on the need to optimize energy efficiency – a rising concern to conserve energy and protect the global environment through carbon-reduction measures?

India being a developing country, requires a lot of energy to build infrastructure. Generating power is always expensive, rather saving is cheaper. Mitsubishi Electric always keep efficiency among one of its top priority. Highly efficient products will save energy, which can be utilized in building infrastructure for present & future. We are always committed toward protecting the nature of the earth. Our AC product line-up in India are available with eco- friendly refrigerant only, i.e. R410 and R32. We have completely stopped using R-22, with high carbon contents from year 2015 onwards.