Please take us through the journey of Ensavior.

Ensavior Technologies is a leading comprehensive engineering solutions provider company engaged in design, engineering, sales, marketing, operation and maintenance of various product and systems for building services industry pertaining to the field of Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC).

In less than ten years, Ensavior has been able to build its leadership position in the Indian HVAC industry and today, Ensavior has grown to encompass several product lines, serving the building services industry that includes pumps for HVAC, plumbing, fire, air purification system with a focus on Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) System, gas phase filtration, automatic balancing and PICV, Stratified chilled water Thermal Energy Storage System, HVAC sensors / transducers and Electrostatic Precipitation System.

What exactly Stratified chilled water thermal storage does and how is it beneficial?

Stratified chilled water storage system utilises natural stratification of the chilled water within the TES tank. The energy is stored in the form of chilled water. The naturally stratified TES tank is the main storage vessel and discharges the stored coldness for air-conditioning during on peak time. This operation scheme reduces the total energy consumption and operation cost.

Naturally, stratified chilled water thermal energy storage tanks are used as an integral part of a facility’s air conditioning system, as well as for other applications. When used in large industrial facilities, on university or healthcare campuses, in district cooling projects, or on military bases, a chilled water TES system can save millions of dollars in lifecycle costs by reducing annual energy and operational costs. It helps in deferring capital expenditures on equipment replacement of expansion projects. Further, it prevents downtime of mission critical operations. Moreover, a chilled water TES system improves the efficiency and power output of natural gas electrical power generators. It also acts as a negotiating tool in deregulated markets.

Air quality being talk of the town and a great concern these days, what Ensavior is doing about it?

We have developed an advanced state-of-the-art air purification system that can be used as part of an air handling unit or as an independent side stream air purification which is a combination of Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) and gas phase filtration with adequate controls and safety.

The multi-stage design allows for selection of the required filters in a specific sequence to meet the requirements of each application. The system removes gaseous pollutants, generates powerful oxidation and regenerates a bed of activated carbon.

It helps to achieve the desired high level of Indoor Air Quality by reducing VOCs, odours, contaminant gases. The UV radiation in PCO section penetrates micro-organisms such as fungi, bacteria and viruses and damages their DNA bonds, sterilising them. Apart from this, it greatly contributes towards achieving energy savings by optimising the usage of outdoor air.

What are the other solutions and services offered by the company keeping in mind rising global warming?

Ensavior is offering the energy saving equipment systems or solutions like Pumping System, Hydronic Balancing Valves, Electrostatic Precipitation System and Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) Systems for the HVAC industry.

In Pumping System, we offer a wide range of pumps (both constant speed and variable speed) for applications such as HVAC and Firefighting. We also have skid mounted systems along with their controllers, thereby, offering a complete solution. We believe in taking the job from the intent of providing a comprehensive engineering solution rather than mere equipment selling.

An effective and efficient HVAC system must provide correct energy output, when and where required. Water circuit balancing is essential to ensure that chilled water system delivers correct flows to all terminal units in an HVAC circuit. Proper hydronic balancing is the key to making an HVAC system perform efficiently and cost-effectively. To cater to this critical feature, we are offering PICV and Automatic Balancing Valves.

Electrostatic precipitation systems are used for removal of grease and smoke from commercial kitchens and also smoke, fumes and oil or coolant mist from industrial processes. It is a proven electrostatic precipitation technique to remove smoke, grease, mist and other particulates from the air to keep the outdoor air safe, healthy and pollution-free.

Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) System uses the ultraviolet energy to kill or inactivate microbes (viral, bacterial, fungal species) from forming on the cooling coils of the air handling unit and thus, eliminating the possibility of unwanted unhealthy contaminants within the air-conditioned space.

What are the growth drivers of your business?

Ensavior has its growth strategy in place where we focus on energy efficient and sustainable systems for the HVAC and related sectors. This strategy also looks at increasing the base business and penetration into tier-II cities. We are also geared up to cater to the HVAC aftermarket services. We have come a long way, delivering reliable products and services to our customers. In return, we have gained their trust and repeat orders. In our journey so far, we have thrived financially and continue to invest in our brand awareness.

Please elaborate on the latest technological innovations incorporated in your product.

All our range of products are uniquely unconventional and offer great benefits and various applications in the industry, specially, HVAC. We have been innovative enough to advance our products to cope up with the changing needs of the environment as well as industry.

FlowCon Energy FIT System, is the latest innovative product which is the world’s first pressure and temperature independent regulation valve. FIT System provides monitoring, measuring, connectivity and control in one package including PICV valve, sensor kit and the new FlowCon Intelligent Interface.

The FIT System measures energy usage while monitoring coil performance and adjusts the PICV to optimise coil performance. The PICV maintains the correct flow, despite pressure changes, and guarantees that flow will change only when demand requirements change or temperature difference is outside specification.

What is your outlook for HVACR industry?

Growth in Metro rail network, data centers, retail, hospitality and commercial sectors is significantly boosting the demand for HVAC systems in the country, as these sectors involve large scale application of HVAC systems in organised retail outlets, shopping complexes, hotels, etc. High-rise buildings, shopping complexes, malls, hypermarkets are now penetrating in tier-II Cities as well contributing to the growth of HVAC business.