LAMILUX Composites GmbH has been a family-run business for over 100 years and can look back at 70 years of market and production experience in the manufacture of fiber reinforced composites. In India, the company maintains its presence through LAMILUX India Pvt. Ltd. In an exclusive interview with Cooling India, its Country Head- New Business Development, Middle East, India & Srilanka – Rohan Bellikatti is fielding questions from P. K. Chatterjee (PK). Excerpts…

How is LAMILUX’s business growing in India?

Lamilux business in India has touched a record high last year in terms of numbers, catering to numerous applications. Lamilux believes in being sustainable and at the same time innovating new products that are the need for the hour, also working on future requirements due to the technology advancement requirements in near future. This helps us grow both vertically and also horizontally making Lamilux GRP a preferred material against all conventional metals or other materials being used.

In India, which are the segments or sectors that you are specially focusing on?

In India, we are majorly concentrating on Reefer Truck, Bus Roofing, Mobile Shelters and Cold Room Segments. We are also working on a few more segments, which are very interesting and could be the drivers in the coming years for innovation.

What are the advantages of using GRP materials in vehicles and cold room?

There are a lot of advantages of GRP compared to steel.

To name a few product advantages:

  • Resistant to chemicals
  • GRP and the gel coat layer are solid coloured compared to painting
  • Printing and painting of the GRP is possible
  • Easy to handle in the process (sawing, drilling, jet cutting …)
  • Compared to the sharpness of the edges of steel the risk of injury (cutting) with GRP is much lower (Safety)
  • High chunking resistance (screws, rivets)
  • No breaks or buckling while processing
  • Much better thermal insulation than steel
  • GRP has a better sound reduction index than steel sheets
  • Better environmental balance than with many other materials
  • GRP is (without any special additives) an insulator, so adds to the requirement of Reefer containers in increasing efficiency
  • GRP transfers forces only remote
  • Repairing possibilities of damages and scratches. Reduced Downtime as reparable at site if required
  • Consistent quality through continuous production process
  • Production width of GRP up to 3.20m!
  • Qualified for a usage in the food industry. Also have HACCP certificated products
  • Moisture resistant & No corrosion

And many more…

How safe are the Glass-reinforced plastic panels, especially against fire accidents? Also, do you have any Food grade or Antibacterial materials?

GRP has various grades available including FR products. Depending on application and requirements we recommend the right products. Similarly, we do have Food grade GRP sheets and also materials for indirect food contacts.

Lamilux Antibac Materials with Silver Nano Technologies has been a boon to the industry, which can directly be used for Operation Theatres, Pharma Industries, Clean Rooms and also cold rooms as it has ability to Kill the bacteria within 24hrs and stop replication of DNA making sure the Hygiene and cleanliness is maintained.

How have you applied these products in refrigerated vehicles as well as warehouses?

One of the key contributors for Lamilux India is the commercial vehicles segment, which includes Reefer Trucks, Dry Freight, EV vehicles Dry as well as Reefer Boxes. They have been used as the Interior and Exterior Skins for the Refrigerated vehicles.

For Cold Rooms, we have 2-segment approach. One is the new panels – which can be used for both direct foaming and indirect line application. Second is the cladding of cold room walls with Lamilux GRP, which can be used in enhancing the life of the existing cold room, which need replacements and reduce the capital investment up to 60-70% and run the refrigerated cold room for another couple of years to a decade depending on the current state of the panels. Anybody interested in knowing more about how we do it can get in touch with us.

What opportunities would you envisage for your company with the Indian Government’s focus on development of infrastructure & urban transportation projects?

We have a solution that can help overcome all the existing difficulties in cold chain transport. We can change the operational model completely by offering light weight vehicles, more payload, additional space, excellent insulation and perfect temperature maintenance, so that the food products are in ambient temperature for the required time and thereby remain in good condition till they reach the end user. We at Lamilux believe that we can contribute to reduce the wastage of food happening in India, which is about 35% with the GRP solutions we provide.

What kind of change do you foresee in the developing Indian market (say) in the next 5-10 years, and what’s your strategy to tackle growing competition?

I see lots of changes will be implemented. India has plans to go greener with E-Vehicles being launched and also accepted widely, Infrastructure being planned. Public means of transport is being given more of importance like Metro Rails coming up in almost all metropolitan cities. E-Buses being procured by lot of Government bodies to run for City transportations, etc. Lots of Investment going to happen in the coming years – and not forgetting “Make In India” theme encouraging lot of manufacturers to start facilities and productions in India to cater to Indian requirement using various materials from various countries. India will transform completely within a decade’s time. “India will be the next worlds Manufacturing Hub”.

A good healthy competition is good. This keeps you on your toes, brings out the best. It will push us to be more innovative and bring in solutions for the challenging world. Who all have partnered with Lamilux and have worked with us know us, the way we work and address issues. We will keep innovating, keep doing the good practices – and we will be providing technical solutions for the challenges being faced.

What would you like to communicate to your potential customers?

With the same zeal and enthusiasm, we would love to work with every customer who wants to try out our products to experience Innovation at its best – and also help them change along with the changing materials being used for the same or similar applications all across the world. Help them build and manufacture the New Gen Products for Indian markets apart from the conventional process being used with the conventional mindset. Please come, experience innovation & technology at its best with Lamilux Products.

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