Werner Finley aims to be the preferred partner for process cooling

Werner Finley provides a wide range of process cooling solutions for a wide array of applications.

Werner Finley provides a wide range of process cooling solutions for a wide array of applications. The diverse product range includes panel airconditioners, spindle chillers, hydraulic oil chillers, coolant chillers and air-water heat exchanger skids. Each of these products have unique features and specifications based on their targeted applications.

Werner Finley with advanced technology
At Werner Finley, we concentrate on providing sustainable and green solutions to our customers for their process cooling needs. Our latest offering is inverter chillers in the range from 1TR – 20TR. We are the first in the country to come out with this range for process cooling needs. We have also made our higher tonnage chillers from 30 to 250 TR with Industry 4.0 ready controllers. We have introduced sensors, feedback mechanisms and IoT controllers in this range that has enabled us to collect and analyse data for predictive maintenance.

We have also tied up with a Swiss company for a patented ‘adiabatic cooling’ technology that can be used for air cooled chillers beyond 100 TR chillers to reduce energy consumption. We have installed this in a couple of places in North and South India and the reception to this product has been very positive.

Business plan in 2020
Our vision as a company is to be the most preferred partner for the process cooling needs across industry. We aim to position our company in the process cooling space with a focus on energy saving solutions. For 2020, we shall be focusing on converting enquiries for ‘standard (constant speed) chillers’ to ‘inverter chillers’ in a big way. We also want to deep dive into various process cooling markets with a wide range of chillers and smart adiabatic cooling solutions that we provide.

Werner Finley at ACREX 2020
We are very excited to be a part of the most premier HVAC related exhibition in India. In ACREX 2020, customers can meet us at the Stall F3-B, to know more about inverter chillers, modular chillers, and patented smart adiabatic cooling solutions.