Carrier has introduced its XCT7 VRF air conditioning system into Europe. In single- and dual-fan, side discharge heat pump units, top discharge heat pump, and top discharge heat recovery models, the range covers sizes from 4 to 26hp. Up to four outdoor units can be combined to reach 104hp with up to 64 indoor units per outdoor system. 12 indoor units are available, including round-way, and 1-, 2-, and 4-way cassettes.

Advanced features include black-coated fin technology for enhanced corrosion resistance; anti-liquid shock technology of the compressor to reduce liquid shock failure rate; improved refrigerant distribution balance due to the centrifugal oil separator; and smooth supply of lubricant due to the 10-stage oil return technology.

Didier Genois, Vice President & General Manager, HVAC Europe, Carrier, said: “XCT7 is a major launch for our business in Europe. We are expanding our offering to match our customers’ expectations. We are launching it simultaneously in six countries and have made significant investments in related digital technology, training centers, and a dedicated sales force to continuously better serve our customers.”

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