Emerson’s Copeland ZPK7 Fixed Speed Scroll Compressor

The innovative Copeland ZPK7 scroll compressor developed by Emerson stood winner among 2021 in the Cooling category. It is the efficient fixed speed compressor ever produced in the 100 year history of Copeland. The next-gen Copeland ZPK7compressor, now in its 7th generation, is available in 1.5–5 ton and can be applied in both residential and commercial applications. It supports the HVAC industry with optimized efficiency by providing up to 5% efficiency improvement at the SEER2 B rating point condition and key HSPF2 part load operation conditions. With regulation-ready performance, the compressors are optimized for use with R410A refrigerant, but will also offer a lineup optimized for low GWP refrigerants, such as R32 and R454B.

This innovation provides improved efficiency and reduced variability, which will allow OEMs to effectively meet the 2023 efficiency standards while also delivering comfort and energy savings for homeowners and building owners.

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