acerpure cool

The acerpure cool, a 2-in-1 air circulator and purifier that leverages a 3-in-1 HEPA Filter to purify air and then a fan to project it around the room. First the purifier filters impurities from the air, then the circulator projects it up to 16 m (52.5 ft). It takes only three minutes to achieve full air circulation in a 27 m2 room (based on a 27m floor with a height of 2.8 m. When air volume is about 25.1 m3/min, it takes about 3 minutes to cycle), and its air circulator and air purifier functions can be used either separately or simultaneously.

Featuring simple but modern design language, an intuitive LED touch panel and child safety locks, the acerpure cool brings everyday wellness within reach to health-conscious consumers in the office or at home.

The acerpure cool features a 3-in-1 HEPA Filter combined with a catalytic-activated carbon filter to effectively filter out PM1.0 particles in addition to 99.97% of 0.3µm suspended particles and bacteria. Testing by SGS achieved removal rates of 90.86% for the concentration of bacteria in the air in a test laboratory environment. Results may vary depending on the environment. It also isolates harmful gases and removes odours. Tested by third-party laboratories, the Ag+ Silver Coated Filter effectively removes bacteria in the air  and is effective against the activity of the H1N1 virus. The antiviral activity rate of the silver ion filter against H1N1 is 92.18% as tested by Guangdong Microbiological Analysis and Testing Center (under test laboratory environment).

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