LG Electronics India’ SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONING Division has launched its new range of Single CAC products: 1-way / 4- way cassettes and Low Static Ductables in their virtual event, “THE SUPER 5 STAR SHOW” on November 25, 2021.

In the virtual event, Business Head & Vice President (SAC Division),  LG Electronics India, Sanjeev Seth spoke on how the new product line-up will live up to the brand’s tag line ‘LIFE’S GOOD’. He, majorly, stressed on three defining parameters of these new products: Environment friendly Refrigerant, Improved Indoor Air Quality and better Energy Efficiency. LG’s new product range uses R32 environment-friendly refrigerant, which has ZERO ODP, making it much safer towards the environment. The units also focus on the inside air hygiene and come with unique Air Purification Kit equipped with 5-step filtration process including PM 1.0 filter. Sanjeev described the LG 4 way Cassettes as SUPER 5 STAR machines as they have ISEER 10% higher than any standard 5 star machine, achieving best-in-class energy efficiency.

Akhilesh Kumar, Product Group Head (SAC Division), also shared his views on how the new line of products is innovative and sleek in design. He spoke on product efficiency and aesthetics and how the wide range of products will cater to the need of Value Seeker as well as Price Seeker customers. He also showcased the TESTIMONIES of both customers as well as architects,  who spoke highly of their experience with LG SAC products and their unique features.

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