The water chain (water reserve, production, distribution, consumption, collection and treatment of water) play primary role of the urban system, influence all pillar of the metropolitan society and its functionality, sustaining populations, generating energy, supporting tourism and recreational activities, ensuring environmental and human health, and fuelling local economic development. Such increasing convergence promotes urban growth because as more than half of the world’s population currently resides in urban areas.

Is your work place ready for adopting green technologies? If you implement ‘Advance E-water Technology’ at your place and even if you got 10-30% improvement in your existing water quality without RO plant and DM plants, then you are able to save lots of water and energy consumption.

Case Study and Results

After performing more than 100 case studies in various sectors found that with the help of this ‘Advance E-water Conditioner’ success ratio is not 100 % but results are really remarkable.


100 % ideal as well as cost-effective solution does not exist in the world so why we should not adopt eco-friendly technology with fit & forget solution.

 Advance E Water Conditioner -4M is a micro controller based electronic and electrical device. It contains multiple technologies in one single device for physical water treatment system for all purpose.

With the help of Advance E water conditioner, there are ample opportunities to increase energy efficiency.

  • With very little one time investment & retrofitting gives 60-70 % improvement in your routine water consumption and maintenance with or without expensive water softener plant.
    • Green HVAC & refrigeration system.

Eco-friendly system because indirectly reduce wastage of water

  • Reduce rate of cleaning or replacing filters in heat pumps & membranes in RO system.
    • Reduce rate of chemical dosage in cooling tower, water softener and swimming pool.
    • Reduce maintenance due to improved water quality used in industries for various applications like heating, cooling, cleaning, steam generation, heat pump, feed water pump and many more applications.
    • Improve health of human, cattle, chickens as well as luxurious equipment capital cost in buildings.
    • Reduce maintenance as well as routine cost spent in resort, spa and hotels (i.e kitchen, laundry, toilet blocks, gardens, swimming pool, solar heater elements, PNG Consumption and waste disposal plant).
    • Save money, manpower & machine.
    • Reduce routine maintenance up to 60-70 % in esteemed resorts, hotels and industries.
    • Solve hard water problem with very little one time investment for lifetime.



ICE-PLANT, Cold storage, Cooling Tower, Farming and Agriculture, Drip Irrigations, Swimming Pool, Showers and Bath Accessories

For Bore well water

Drip Irrigation

Garden and Process water for Village

Drip system

Hotels and Residential


Solar pumping water

Sprinkler and Drip Systems

Cooling Tower sump


Adopt smart technology with existing water purification methods,100 % perfect technology does not exist in any engineering field , implements new technology for your application , bypass your conventional methods and observed if you achieved minimum 30-80 % saving in maintenance cost & efficiency increases 10-20 % then also it is worthwhile because it leads to big savings in routine water consumption.

Save water, save environment and Reduce wastage of water.

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