Aggreko India has a wide range of cooling and power equipment offering for any interim needs that may arise. In cooling portfolio, the company has chillers of capacity starting from 150 kW to 1400 kW that includes air cooled as well as water cooled chillers, portable cooling towers, air-conditioners ranging from 30 kW to 100 kW including split and packaged units, 100 kW-300 kW of air handling units, Shell and Tube and Plate type heat exchangers of various areas. Accompanying the above products are accessories such as fluid pumps of various capacities, in-line duct heaters, blowers, flexible hoses, flexible ducts and buffer tanks.

In its portfolio, Aggreko claims an enviable fleet of various capacities and accessories of various ranges that are mobile and modular and can be shipped within a short notice.

On the application front, Aggreko caters to comfort cooling (space cooling), process cooling and dehumidification. Comfort cooling deals with cooling of large structures for events, cooling of confined spaces and mine cooling. Process cooling applications involve engineered solutions with chillers, cooling towers and heat exchangers for process enhancement, process augmentations and removing process bottlenecks that may arise in the operations.

More than a decade, Aggreko India is serving various industries with the above solutions such as petrochemical and refineries, fertilizers, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, manufacturing, mining, oil and gas, construction, shipping, events and contracting for major building maintenance.