Aqua Refrigeration is an entrepreneurial set up providing futuristic solutions for Ammonia Low Charge Direct Expansion Systems for Cold Storage, Food Processing, Blast Freezers, Industrial Chiller 3PL logistics and Refrigerated Warehouses with Strategic Technical Tie Up with Scantec Refrigeration Technologies Australia.

The company’s expert team brings an unrivalled dedication to exceeding your expectations, and commitment to finding new and better ways through innovative technology.

Key expertise areas are:

  • Low Charge Ammonia Systems
  • Ammonia Based Air Conditioning systems
  • Super-efficient Plug and Play Ammonia Engine rooms
  • Retrofit of existing plant.

The low charge Ammonia System works in the same way as a dual stage Ammonia System with no pumps. Hence, there is a considerable reduction in the ammonia inventory to be stored in the vessels.

The ammonia in the rooms is less than 3% of what it would be in a conventional system, hence minimizing the risks in case of a refrigerant leakage.

The recorded energy performance improvements illustrated with the green markers in Figure 1 are mainly due to:

  • Elimination of all high-density liquefied refrigerant in all suction lines and risers
  • Improved compressor part-load energy efficiency – because of rotational compressor speed control, compressor rotational speed ranges and compressor type used
  • Low friction 304SS piping  with absolute roughness values 20-40 times lower than carbon steel
  • Variable frequency drives on everything
  • High-pressure float valve controlled condensate return during hot gas defrost
  • Improved condenser liquid drainage using high-pressure float valve
  • Improved evaporator utilization by avoiding excess overfeed rates and brining

Pressure drops in wet return lines and risers can be up to sixty times greater than the pressure drop in the same lines/risers when conveying saturated vapour only.

Dehumidification by means of a desiccant drier discharging dehumidified  air vertically down on the cold side of the doors of the Frozen Staging area is provided to remove moisture ingress by sublimation.

Penthouse evaporators are used above the ceiling eliminating any piping and condensate leaks in the rooms and easy access to service hence giving more space in the room for the racking.

For blast freezing applications In Rack Blast freezers are used. These are located within the freezer store. During blast freezing, air is drawn through pallets by means of dedicated blast freezing fans. The product to be frozen is stored within cold store racking dedicated to blast freezing. Air is directed through the product by means of flexible polyurethane curtains that are drawn across the face(s) of the cold store racking system following product loading and prior to starting the blast freezer fans. The heat removed from the product during freezing is absorbed by the penthouse evaporators.

In special cases, if required, ambient air defrost is used to increase the overall efficiency of the plant.

Source: Aqua Refrigeration


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