It’s a ground-breaking leak detection algorithm...

Airedale has recently launched the Airedale Cloud Diagnostics. This is an advanced HVAC performance management tool available on the user’s phone, tablet or laptop, in response to the pressure operators and facility managers are under when working with cooling equipment that is increasingly critical to business operations.

Airedale’s new family of cloud-enabled products can be installed in new and existing equipment like air handling units, chillers and precision air conditioners, allowing them to be connected, monitored and analysed via a secured communication channel to the Airedale Cloud Diagnostics servers. Cloud Diagnostics has been developed to be retrofitted with no disruption to service and offers several key benefits that can really lift the pressure off people tasked with keeping HVAC systems running safely and efficiently.

An emerging feature of the predictive maintenance ability of Cloud Diagnostics is a ground-breaking leak detection algorithm. By being able to recognize the operational features and patterns that signal a leak, detection can occur at very low levels, saving a client significant costs and environmental damage. Most leaks are detected today at around 20%, which is when a drop in performance becomes more obvious to facilities personnel, but in tests Airedale Cloud Diagnostics was able to report a suspected leak at 5%. This early detection has huge implications not only on cost savings, but also safety and environmental targets.

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