The new wireless refrigerant scale testo 560i from the world market leader in measurement technology revolutionizes the charging of refrigeration systems and heat pumps. Because with the combination of scale and intelligent valve, a digital manifold from Testo and the testo Smart App, refrigeration systems are filled automatically and thus more quickly and precisely than ever before. This not only saves air conditioning and refrigeration technicians’ valuable time for other tasks, but at the same time, it also ensures that the system is filled with the exact amount of refrigerant specified and thus runs error-free. This is made possible by the automatic Bluetooth connection of the scale and valve with Testo’s digital manifolds (current generation testo 557s/550s/550i and predecessor series testo 557/550) and with the testo Smart App for smartphone or tablet. The scale is also characterized by excellent handiness and high robustness.

Fully automatic charging according to target value

The new testo 560i refrigerant scale with intelligent valve and patented algorithm makes charging refrigeration systems and heat pumps easier and more precise than ever before. Different target parameters can be specified like superheating, subcooling or weight of the refrigerant. Simply select the appropriate menu in the Testo manifold or testo Smart App, enter the target value and the scale with valve will do the rest fully automatically. The advantages: Time saved to complete other tasks and error-free, precise filling of the system.

Smooth connectivity

The scale and valve automatically connect via Bluetooth to the Testo manifold and/or the App for smartphone or tablet. The manifold and App show all measured values briefly in the history or in tabular form. All measurement data is stored in the App for documentation and report generation. The wireless connection of scale and valve to the manifold and App with a range of up to 30 m thus enables full flexibility, e.g., even in confined environments.

The scale is compatible with the current generation of Testo manifolds, testo 557s/550s/550i and the testo Smart App. However, via the App, the scale can also be used together with the previous generation of Testo manifolds (testo 557/550).

Exceptional design

Compact dimensions, low weight and the practical carrying handle make the scale extremely handy. Other practical features: 3D corners facilitate accurate positioning of the usually heavy refrigerant cylinder right away, the textured rubber surface ensures a secure hold of the cylinder, and the long battery life of the scale and valve enables countless filling operations. In addition, the scale is also ideal for outdoor use due to its high robustness with splash water and dust protection.

testo 560i is available in the practical kit with intelligent valve and batteries.

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