Blue Star Limited has been offering a wide spectrum of commercial refrigeration products and cold chain equipment catering to various segments such as Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Agriculture, Dairy, Ice-cream, Processed Foods, Hotels, Restaurants, Fast Food Chains, Quick Service Restaurants, and Retail Outlets, besides several institutional clients. To support the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sector, Blue Star has launched a new range of commercial refrigeration products and solutions which are ideal for storing vaccines. 

Ice Lined Refrigerators (+2°C to +8°C): Ideal for vaccination programs due to their ability to maintain the desired temperature even without power for up to 48 hours. 

Vaccine Transporters (+8°C to -20°C): Perfect for the transport of vaccines to remote corners of the country as they maintain desired low temperatures even while in transit by working off the battery of any four-wheel vehicle. 

Blue Star has a market share of around 60% – 70% in the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare segments in its addressed product categories such as modular cold rooms, medical freezers, ultra-low temperature freezers, pharma refrigerators, and blood bank refrigerators.

The Company also announced the launch of its new range of water coolers and water dispensers which, are designed to help maintain hygiene as follows:

Touchless Storage Water Coolers: Ideal for use at sites where the chances of infection spreading through touch are high, since they dispense water merely on sensing movement near the tap, allowing for touch-free operation. 

Soft push Bottled Water Dispensers: An innovative water dispensing solution that needs, a gentle push with the glass to dispense water, ensuring no contact of hands on the machine. 

The Company, with a CAPEX of around Rs 130 crores, is in the process of setting up a new plant at its existing facility at Wada. This new plant, being constructed on a built-up area of around 19,300 sq m and commissioned by end-of-the-year. It will have a capacity to produce around 2,00,000 deep freezers and 1,00,000 storage water coolers per annum. 

B Thiagarajan, Managing Director, Blue Star Limited, said: “The need for commercial refrigeration in India is increasingly becoming vital across industries be it for Pharmaceutical or Healthcare, Agriculture, Hospitality, Food Processing or Dairy, amongst others. In fact, compared to the developed countries, commercial refrigeration adoption in India is only at a sub-5% level, which translates into huge opportunities for us.”

Thiagarajan added: “Currently, with India’s Pharmaceutical and Healthcare sectors witnessing heightened momentum due to the roll-out of the vaccination drive and enhanced thrust by the Government to build a future-ready robust healthcare ecosystem, the demand for these products and equipment is witnessing a rapid uptick. With our proven prowess in this arena, we have been successfully catering to the varied and evolving needs of cold chains across industries.”

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